The coffee break reimagined

PMD coffee break final Collage

Since giving up most sugars and grains a few months ago my life has changed in ways I could never have predicted. I shared a bit about this journey here. I would not have believed that I could have ever experienced such sustained high energy, a migraine free and medication free lifestyle and an honest enthusiasm for this approach to food. I feel so good that I literally want to stop people on the street and spread the word, but I am not that lady. That isn’t to say I haven’t had a few tantrums Read More →

Chickpea burgers from Chef Dayna McLeod

It’s meatless Monday and while we usually mark that with a veggie soup recipe, I’m mixing things up a bit with a great new recipe and interview with a good friend of mine, vegan chef to the stars Dayna McLeod. Dayna and I go way back and share memories best left out of print. I’m thrilled to have her back in my life. We reconnected last year in Santa Barbara, where she lives with her husband and daughter and she’s involved with her first book project as the culinary genius behind the 50 recipes in Read More →

Farm to Table: Spring Brunch

Living in Northern California provides an endless supply of fresh produce, but nothing compares to shopping at our local farmer’s markets. I have a few weekend favorites haunts and recently let the their offerings dictate my Sunday brunch menu. I’m crazy for brunch, aren’t you? It’s the perfect pairing of savory and sweet and ultimate weekend indulgence. I came up with a few recipes that could easily be customized for any season. Just switch out whatever fresh fruits and veggies are staring at your local farm stand and settle in for a feast. Nearly everything Read More →

Soup Monday: Potato, leek and mushroom

Last Friday, we spent the day in San Francisco to celebrate my birthday and started with lunch at Absinthe. It was a lovely meal, as usual, but the highlight was a delicate soup of pureed potato, leek, green garlic and mushrooms. Naturally, the soup lover in me knew I would have to try my hands at my own version. My husband and I teamed up to piece together this recipe and we were quite pleased with the results. It’s fresh and flavorful and, let’s face it, pretty. Ingredients1 lb. mushrooms, sliced2 lbs. buttercream potatoes, pealed and Read More →

Meyer lemon three ways

It’s citrus season and this year is delivering like no other. I’m adding blood oranges to salads and cocktails and am basically consuming my weight in Meyers. Lucky for me my best friend has a total overachiever of a tree she’s kept me in good supply for the past month. I never turn down an offer for fresh produce, in case you need to unload some.First I made lemon curd, which lead to a batch of classic lemon cookies with a tangy lemon glaze, which naturally led to a pitcher of lemon and spearmint-infused water. Read More →

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