Creative Crush: Messages of beauty with Marisa of Creative Thursday

Each Friday, a special blogger friend shares their current Creative Crush – whatever is cause for inspiration at this very moment. This week, I’m happy to have Marisa from Creative Thursday. Marisa’s blog was one of the first that I really connected with when I started blogging. Through blog posts, podcasts, online classes and, of course, her art – Marisa shares her thoughts and feelings with total authenticity. One peak into her world and you just want to pull up a chair and chat the day away over a pot of tea in hopes that Read More →

Creative Crush: Living with Plants with Trina of La La Lovely

Each Friday, a special blogger friend sharestheir current Creative Crush – whatever is cause for inspiration at this verymoment. This week, I’m happy to have Trina from La La Lovely. We met at Alt, but didn’t really get to talk until we shared a cab with Melissa to the airport. What a doll. She’s so easy to talk with and I just wanted to sit down over a cup a tea and chat the morning away. Instead we hauled our tired selves through security and parted ways with hugs and promises of next year, next Read More →

Pastel party over at Kirtsy

Candy Balloons via Jessica and Holly’s Etsy shop. Pastels are everywhere this year, from clothing to home design. I love the idea of incorporating pastels beyond Easter eggs and little girl party dresses. Won’t you join me over at Kirtsy for a little skip through a soft and pretty rainbow? 

A little healthy self indulgence

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and it really was a good one. I was made to feel over-the-top special from sweet emails, beautiful cards, precious time with many loved ones and surprise gifts of the Meyer lemon tree variety. A sense of abundance and love is still heavy in the air. So I’ll admit that I didn’t actually need a pair of pink vintage elbow length gloves or the vintage signed necklace. But oh, how I wanted them. Birthday gifts to myself I suppose. Tell me I’m not alone in justifying a little Read More →

I Love Mondays

For real. I love the potential that the start of a new week brings. A fresh To-Do list, steaming cup of coffee and my laptop. It’s like the first five miles of a road trip. Imagine all the fun that awaits…and then Wednesday creeps up (or I’m driving through Bakersfield) and I’m all ‘say whaaaat?’ this is not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. But that’s Wednesday’s problem, right? So join me for another cup and let’s usher in an awesome new week, shall we?

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