Pink Moon Daily Team

Fresh and reliable content comes out every day thanks to an all-star team of contributors. The Pink Moon Daily team saves their best recipes, clean beauty products, healthy habits, garden how-to’s and sustainable home improvement ideas for you each week. Get to know our team:

Estelle Hayes

As founder of Pink Moon Daily, Estelle is dedicated to bringing the best of green living to the masses. What started as a personal mission to find natural alternatives for her make up in 2011 has turned into a full time crusade to create the healthiest life possible. A writer, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, with her husband and young daughter she is passionate about helping people live free of toxic chemicals in their food, homes and personal care products. She also writes about similar issues at Huffington Post and keeps her personal blog Under a Pink Moon.

Danielle Copeman

Danielle writes about food allergy friendly recipes for Pink Moon Daily. She is a master of many crafts – baking, creating and sewing – just to name a few. She’s a mother to two beautiful girls and navigating the turbulent waters of raising kids with allergies. In addition to sharing the occasional inspired DIY project, Danielle brings us delicious, family-friendly recipes free from nuts, and eggs.  She can also be found on her blog Domestic Dish and at her Etsy shop Dandelion Goods, where she sells beautiful and stylish leather goods made from reclaimed remnant fabrics.

Melissa McArdle

With a one-word mantra of bliss, Melissa makes it her daily goal to find the blissful beauty in life’s most simple offerings.  A believer in “you are what you eat”, healthy food is an essential must for every meal.  A yogi, a gypsy at heart, and a proponent for small artisans and artists around the world, she fills her waking hours with daydreams of a happy, healthy, free-loving world and truly believes these dreams will one day become a reality. She can also be found on her blog Reverie-Daydream and her shop Reverie-Daydream where she sells handmade artisan creations.

Dayna McLeod

As a trained chef and proud mom,  Dayna has been preparing exceptional meals for the world’s most elite celebrities. Her inspired culinary creations have graced the plates of many celebrities. However, nothing makes her happier than watching her 4 year-old daughter devour a healthful serving of organic fruits and veggies from Santa Barbara’s local farmers market. Most recently, Dayna was recently named a Food Ambassador, standing up for read food for children with Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Day.

In addition to her monthly healthy food column at Pink Moon Daily, Dayna can also be found writing about food and sharing her original recipes at her blog A Vegan Chef.

Torrie and Ryan Sessions

Two self-proclaimed foodies, trying to raise little foodies, Torrie and Ryan love to cook together. Love to eat. Love farmers markets. And love growing their own food. They believe that the best tomato is the one that comes from your own back yard… one that’s been nurtured by the entire family- from seed to table.

Torrie and Ryan decided to make the most out of the long southern California growing season, venturing into container- and then raised-bed gardening, through pure trial & error. They’ve been building on their successes, learning from their losses, and getting a little more adventurous each season.

When not digging in the dirt, the Sessions can be found “researching” cocktail recipes, scheming up their next DIY endeavor, and plotting food & wine-centric, yet kid-friendly vacations. In addition to Torrie and Ryan’s Pink Moon Daily gardening column, Torrie blogs at A Place to Share.

Katie Shonsey Mattern

Throughout her life, Katie has always had an innate curiosity about this world and those who inhabit it. She is a former counselor and doula, but these days has found her connection to others through her words and camera. She shares her life in a picturesque Victorian seaport with three very opinionated children, a wayward dog and a patient husband. She believes belly laughs, walks in the woods and the smell of freshly baked bread are some of the best things in life. You can often find her with a smile on her face and coffee in hand.
In addition to sharing her words and thoughtful photography with Pink Moon Daily readers, Katie also writes about her life on her blog Salt+Pine.

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