Just Neem ~ Natural Bug Repellent and a giveaway

PMD Just Neem Collage

 By Melissa McArdle Living a life filled with an abundance of outdoor living is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but often times, we are reminded that humans are not the only ones who like to soak up the fresh air. Yes, I’m talking about those pesky insects which circle, flitter and fly within the same shared atmosphere we like to deem as only ours. At least we now have options in regards to ‘green’ repellents. Just Neem will help you say ADIOS to those annoying pests. The 100% Natural Outdoor Spray doesn’t leave you smelling Read More →

Kale Butternut Squash Galette

PMD kale squash galette

By Estelle Hayes Without question, fall calls for comfort food staples like homemade soups and grilled cheese. But this year, I’m ready to welcome butternut squash into my weekly menu rotation – any way I can get it. I cannot get enough of the of this super food. My go-to recipe is a simple roasting of olive oil coated cubes tossed with lentils or quinoa, but our own Danielle Copeland of Domestic Dish seriously inspired me with her pot pie recipe a few weeks ago. I borrowed her recipe, but since I’m all thumbs when Read More →

Apple Picking with Torrie and Ryan

PMD apple-picking

By Torrie Sessions Aside from a little fertilizing, a bit of basil/tomato/squash/pepper-picking, and of course- watering, we’ve stayed pretty clear of our garden over the past couple of weeks.  You may recall the “lingering [southern California] summer” we wrote about in our previous post.   Well, a few days later- our weather took a major upward turn.  In other words, HOT became HOTTER.  Lingering is an understatement.  So, we’re calling this a “transitional” month. …A month to take a step away, and get inspired.  Whether it’s flipping through Sunset magazine, strolling through our favorite garden centers, Read More →

What’s in your little’s lunch box? Melissa of Reverie-Daydream Shares


We’re launching a new series called “What’s in your lunchbox” where we’re talking honestly about what we pack in our children’s lunch boxes. Melissa McArdle of Reverie-Daydream is kicking things off with a sneak peek into the goodies she prepares for her sweet daughter, Gaia. I’ll share Emerson’s lunch routine next week (it’s not nearly as pretty), but I’m working on it. Let’s make this a judgement-free zone! The idea is to share recipes and ideas and inspire each other to pack more whole foods and unprocessed snacks for our littles.  I’m already inspired to do better. We’d love Read More →

Meatless Monday Greek Style

PMD Greek Wrap

By Estelle Hayes This meal is so easy, so simple and so satisfying. My favorite farmer’s market falafel stand makes them like no other, but I couldn’t wait until next Friday to get my fix so, I had to try my hand at this spectacular flavor combination. Ingredients Whole wheat naan (got mine at Whole Foods) Olive oil 1 batch of za’atar in a seperate bowl (here’s my recipe) 1 tomato, diced 1 cucumber, diced 1 bunch fresh mint, roughly chopped 1/2 cup kalamata olives, roughly chopped 1/4 cup feta cheese (optional) Heat a teaspoon Read More →

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