The little things


If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that a good life is mostly made up of the little joys and celebrations sprinkled throughout every 24 hours. From a good night of sleep to a sunset over the ocean, small moments of little, lovely things truly do elevate the every day. I thought I’d start sharing a few of my favorites – as they seem to come in cycles based on the seasons, our home routines, adventures, travel and work opportunities. Here are a few things that really lighting me up these days. Sunshine Read More →

Cleaning out, finding ease

San Diego Botanical Garden

Did you catch Michelle’s completely happy and soulful house tour on Design Sponge last week? Pretty much my dream combination of organic elements, meaningful touches and bits of pink woven throughout. One particular image completely rocked my Monday and stuck with me all week until I had a free moment to act on the inspiration. Her closet. I mean, come on. Quality, simplicity and ease at its very finest. Photo by Melissa Oholendt via Design Sponge I proceeded to remove every single item from my closet and spent most of Saturday sorting and purging. Six Read More →

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Malibu Ranch landscape

A few months back I had a special opportunity to attend a one-day introductory program at the Ranch at Live Oak Malibu. And at the risk of sounding trite, I’ll say it was a transformative experience. The kind of day that weighs heavily in your heart and constant in your psyche for for days, weeks and now months. My trip to Malibu was bookended by visits with dear friends, former PMD contributors Dayna McLeod and Torrie Sessions and the entire adventure was made possible by a perfectly-timed business trip on my husband’s part. This meant Read More →

Catching up

Emerson in Malibu Golden Hour

Happy Monday, Friends! So much to catch up on and I’m just not sure where to start. I’m writing for All Parenting these days. Here’s a selection of some recent stories you might want to check out. Why I’m raising an only child (I’m owning this one. One kid is awesome and in the interest in keeping it real, it’s the most I could possibly handle.) Rookie guide to starting kindergarten (It’s true, Emerson is in big kid school and we are all adjusting. This experience really deserves its own post. California public schools are not for Read More →

Women who inspire: Mosey Images and Reverie-Daydream


Have you guys seen the gorgeous video collaborations coming from the Kim Thompson Steel and Melissa McArdle? It’s stunning photography/videography combined with excellent food, styling, music and perfect light. You know, porn for lovers of all things pretty. Kim and Mel are friends and I could not be more proud of their work, individually and now as a creative team. They’ve shared a bit of background on their collaboration with us here and be sure to check out the video recipes for mushrooms a la creme and kale and quinoa salad. How did this collaboration Read More →

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