In the Garden ~ Prepping for Fall/Winter Plantings

PMD pumpkins

  By Torrie and Ryan Sessions Here in southern California, the arrival of a new season isn’t exactly as “clear-cut” as is the case in other parts of the world.  Fall saunters its way in eventually, not always [ever] as timely or prominent as I’d prefer.  Spring, on the other hand certainly compensates for its counterpart’s delay, sprinting right in with the utmost punctuality- not only on time, but early even!  Don’t get me wrong.  A lingering summer has a wealth of benefits- benefits that serve our garden well, and our appetites even greater.   How Read More →

Allergy Mom Exposes Hidden Allergens

hidden allergens - Pink moon daily 9-11-13

By Danielle Copeman Have you read the ingredient label for that bottle of shampoo and conditioner? How about that diaper cream? Bar soap? I don’t know about you, but as a parent and a parent of an allergy kid I am learning as I go. I just didn’t think about (ever) the fact that I could be lathering up my squeaky clean baby girl with some harmful stuff. I am talking egg white protein in shampoo, and nut oils in lotions. Scary stuff for a food allergy sufferer. I had never thought to look into Read More →

One Clean Thing ~ Almond Oil

PMD almonds

By Estelle Hayes Almonds are a favorite snack of mine. They are packed with protein, vitamin E and calcium, which makes them a perfect daily addition to my vegetarian diet. But recently, I’ve discovered the benefit of almond oil, as a replacement to my fairly toxic body lotion addiction. I’ve been a huge consumer of body creams since junior high and have basically been slathering on any cream with a Lily of the Valley scent I could get my hands on for the past 25 years.  Those days are gone, my friends. Body lotions are pretty hard to Read More →

Use this, not that: A reader’s detox plan

PMD use this not that

By Estelle Hayes Hearing from readers and sharing ideas with this community about the best ways to live a clean and healthy life is hands-down, the best part of editing Pink Moon Daily. It’s so exciting to hear from like-minded people who care deeply about what they put on, in and around their bodies. So when my friend and fellow blogger, Danielle from Elleinadespir asked me to take a look at her daily personal care routine and recommend a few healthy improvements, I jumped at the chance. Overall, Danielle is doing really well. She’s avoiding Read More →

Fall Prep ~ Three Soups to Make Now and Freeze

potato leek

By Estelle Hayes In my world, there is no better meal than a bowl of soup with a hearty salad or gooey grilled cheese. It’s the ultimate in comfort food and when done thoughtfully, quite healthy. If you read my original blog, you were familiar with Soup Monday and my love of hot, liquid nutrition. Now’s the time to start preparing for the soup-friendly months. I highly recommend making the following three recipes and freezing individual portion sizes for quick, delicious meals this fall. Here are three of my all-time favorite soup recipes. Cream of Read More →

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