Late to the party


{You try telling a six year-old that fedoras are no longer a thing. I guarantee she’ll be wearing that hat until they come back around. If I’m destined to always be late to the party, Emerson will show up early and eventually wear out her welcome. We are different that way.} That’s where I often find myself. Several months or even few years behind the crowd. Not in all things, mind you. I can thank my parents for instilling an appreciation for dark chocolate and a perfect cup of home brewed drip coffee at an Read More →

Fight when the time is right


Emerson started 1st grade a couple of weeks ago and the transition has been rough. Mostly for me. She’s been rolling with the new teacher, new classroom, crush of humanity that is her public school with the ease of any six year old, who’s sole focus in life is, whatever happens to be directly in front of her. What’s presented to her is all she knows and she’s remarkably cool with it. Her mother, on the other hand, is up at night worrying about unmanageable class sizes, hungry children, slashed school budgets and the lack Read More →

Back at it


The past few months have been a whirlwind of life. Career shifts, a Kindergarten graduation and a new and exciting project for my family that has hovered over our waking hours since last fall. I caught myself telling someone recently that I’m “about to come up for air” or maybe I was “about to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Some terribly overused analogy for “I’ve been so busy, but I swear I’m getting my act together soon!” The entire exchange stuck with me like a pit in my stomach. I don’t Read More →

On 40 and winging it

Birthday cake

I recently turned 40 and like any good narcissistic Gen x-er I feel as though all the world is turning 40 with me. Every where I turn there are books, op-eds, blog posts, TV shows and films about this wondrous new chapter in life. It’s like we invented it. Which makes sense if you consider that our parents perfected the mid-life crisis, so maybe we can lay claim to the anti-crisis. Most days, I feel so terribly stable and (almost) happy, but there is also an overwhelming sense of relief that I can’t seem to Read More →

Happy nontoxic Valentine’s Day: chocolate

clean chocolate

I love nothing more than a bite (or three) of high quality, dark chocolate at the end of the day. I’m happy to spend a little more on a product free from preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Once you taste good quality chocolate you won’t even bother with the junk your kids come home with – no thanks to that jumbo bag of miniatures. Total waste of time. Sometimes I get really dirty and  scoop a spoonful of peanut butter on to my bites. It’s such a reliable happy maker. I’ve rounded up my favorite Read More →

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