Garden Lust

PMD echinacea

I’m overly skilled at coveting gardens. I’ve been known to stop the car to admire a neighbor’s flowering tree and wild mustard in an abandoned field. It’s equal-opportunity garden loving in my world. Except when it comes to my own patch of dirt. At home, I’m full of judgement and doubt and general negativity. Until this past spring when I planted a cutting garden for the sole purpose of…enjoyment. Now I’m in full-blown love affair mode with my own little plant babies. Indulge me in a little gratuitous garden porn, won’t you… Carry on.

My Soul Fever

Sanborn trees

Alexis and a crew of my favorite bloggers (who also happen to be moms) focused on various chapters of Simplicity Parenting a few week back. It’s worth reading, bookmarking and rereading. I’m not huge on parenting books because I’m pretty sure that parenting is a lot like life. You learn as you go and grow into the role with experience, trial and error and intuition. However, this book has helped me put a lot of parenting “issues” in perspective and has strengthened my resolve in many areas where modern society was telling me one thing Read More →

Freshly Juiced

fresh juice

It’s “Teacher Appreciation Day” at Emerson’s school and as far as I’m concerned every single day should be deemed so. The ladies who guide my girl through her day deserve credit, payment and recognition far beyond what I could ever wrap up in a gift card. They are patient and kind and generous of heart and I truly look forward to seeing their bright faces at each drop off and pick up. Last night, Emerson and I made cards, fresh juice in pretty glass jars and included gift cards (because those ladies deserve to spoil Read More →

Blogging matters and the power of good shoes


Last Thursday, I participated in San Francisco’s Listen to Your Mother Show. Since being cast in March, I’ve been reluctant to talk about the process, either in person or in print. I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the experience of reading my writing out loud, in front of an audience and I’m simply afraid my words won’t truly reflect my feelings. But I’ve come to realize that I may never get this part right and I need to say just a few things. First, I am honored to have been a part of Read More →

How We Teach our Children in House of Fifty Magazine

House of Fifty Cover

The anniversary issue of House of Fifty is live and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. The entire issue is filled with beautiful editorial spreads, ideas for entertaining, healthy recipes and general inspiration for good living. And this time around, I get to be a small part of all the good stuff. Check out page 171 for a piece I wrote about Emerson and the special teachers in her life. It’s a good reminder that mom’s don’t do any of this mothering business alone. Raising a successful human is a team Read More →

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