Fighting the Hoarder within

{Sometimes hoarding pays…like when you unearth your very first Madonna concert tee from 1987 and get to wear it to a show in 2012. Awesome. Not so much when you realize you’ve held on to a comemorative pom pom from the 1995 Rose Bowl. Go Ducks. Also, I’ve got a few tea cups and pots to part with if anyone is in the market.}  Those of you who have been with me for a while know that I struggle with the hoarder’s gene. Sadly, the apple does not fall far from the tree as I Read More →

Just for the pretty

Warning: party porn coming up. I designed a bridal shower for a friend and co-worker recently. The color palette was hot pink, kelly green and hints of navy. Think preppy, summer style. I loved the way it turned out. I really enjoy having a project like this to work on. Loosing sleep over things like shades of pink and special-order linens is where I excel. Anyone need any party planning help? I’ve got nothing on the calendar for fall and it’s sort of killing me.

Taking it to the next level

Remember when Emerson Fry was Emerson Made and they were known for those cutie fabric flower corsages? Me too. I loved the aesthetic then and I’m loving it now even more that it’s evolved into a grown up brand with classic clothing, shoes and jewelry. Honestly, is there anything that woman can’t do? Also, I want those shoes in a bad, bad way. It just makes me happy to see someone launch a small business online and grow it into something that still feels authentic and real, rather than corporate and forced. We’re talking real-life American dream stuff. House Read More →

Time, time, time

A little confession: I miss my old blog. The place where I used to share random bits of my life. Things that inspired me and projects I was working on. It was my happy place for sure. I’m struggling to find some balance in my work and freelance life, my Pink Moon Daily life, my family and home life…you know the drill. I’m thinking that a little more personal blogging just might do the trick. So indulge me a moment as I walk you through last weekend. My 2oth high school reunion just happened and Read More →

My Ice Cream Sandwiches in House of Fifty


I’m thrilled to share the latest issue of House of Fifty magazine and honored to be a part of it. Check it out for a tutorial and recipe for making some yummy ice cream sandwiches. (There’s also a recipe for white wine sangria that I’ll be trying this weekend.) Also, I have to acknowledge my girlfriend, Melanie. Without her help, I could not have pulled off this little ice cream sandwich shoot, or this one. Photographing food is not easy. Countless blogs and magazines make it look effortless, but it is not. It’s made no Read More →

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