Awe Inspiring

By no means am I treading new territory here. Flora Grubb has received much blog and media love as of late, but I could not resist. We visited her nursery over the weekend and seriously? It’s dazzling. Each lucky plant in the place looks as though it has its own personal valet tending to its every whim. Brightly colored chairs and tables are nestled into corners so patrons can sit among the astounding beauty with a cup of tea or coffee from their lovely cafe. It was a bit of sensory overload for me. Tom Read More →

My 3/50

The 3/50 project is simply genius. The flyer above sums it up nicely but the website is full of interesting information. Take a moment and think of three locally-owned businesses in your community that you would miss if tomorrow they were gone. Just thinking about that makes me sad and lonely for the hometown of my childhood. It was earthy and artsy. Today it is still beautiful and idyllic, but it’s a shinier and more manufactured version of its former self. I love imagining what it must have been like to sip Chablis and listen Read More →

Sunday Cup: 10 of 52

This Sunday cup brought to you by my Mother’s Day. Spent with the hubby and the baby at the farmer’s market. This was an amazing double cappuccino (which was supposed to be a double espresso but I’ll take a steamed milk mistake any day) with a lovely mimosa waiting in the wings.  You can’t see it in the photo but the champagne flute is recycled from the Campbell Moose Lodge #1811, which apparently celebrated it’s 25th anniversary in 1992. How great is that? I had to talk Tom out of stashing these in the diaper Read More →

How do you thank a mother?

You don’t have to be a mother to appreciate this. It is classic Billy Collins. So sublime, self deprecating and really just spot on. He can break your heart right open while you wipe away the tears from laughing. I heard him read this aloud a number of years back at San Jose State University. He had the audience in the palm of his hands. I’m not sure which book it was ultimately published in but I would recommend any of his collections. They are filled with wit and lovely observations. Happy Mother’s Day. The Read More →

A Mother of Reinvention

Melanie is a mother and a damn hot one, right? I’m only slightly biased because she happens to be one of my closest friends but the fact that EVERY single one of my girlfriends has gotten better looking in every way since giving birth is a phenomenon that deserved some attention. Many of these lovely ladies have been in my life since before we would be considered women. We’ve held hands through break ups, pulled hair back over toilets, carried flowers in weddings, cradled babies in hospitals. We’ve documented each other’s lives so there exists Read More →

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