Get BPAs Out Of Food

Empty tin cans ready for recycling isolated on white background

By Estelle Hayes Since the invention of the can in 1810, we have relied on the convenience of canned foods to save time in the kitchen and on the go (although the can opener wasn’t invented until 1858, so go figure). Problem is the linings of almost all cans we rely on contain bisphenol A (BPA), a controversial chemical also used in certain types of plastic bottles, utensils and the coatings for cash-register receipts. BPA has been directly associated with higher rates of brain and breast cancer. So even if you buy organic vegetables, if Read More →

Sustainable Dream Home


By Estelle Hayes Do you ever fantasize about your dream home? Tell me I’m not alone in imagining a great expanse of land, architect of your dreams and a bottomless budget? My go-to is high atop a mountain, mostly windows flooded with golden light, lots of natural elements and a lemon/olive/fig grove for me to wander through each morning. That’s not too much to ask, right? Of course, I’ll be filling my rustic/modern Barbie dream house with beautiful pieces from Environment, an LA-based furniture company that uses sustainably-harvested wood and reclaimed materials from around the Read More →

Good Energy Changes Everything

PMD Friday Gems

By Estelle Hayes “Beauty is an energy.” -Indie Lee This quote on Twitter got my attention last night as I edited photos from a recent trip to wine country. Those words feel so true, so comforting and perfect for nearly everything that came from that trip. The crazy pretty light that fills every corner of that part of California is magical and the quiet energy is contagious. Which brings me back to Indie Lee, a young woman who had a potentially fatal brain tumor removed several years ago and went on to launch a company Read More →

On the Yoga Mat ~ Breathe


By Melissa McArdle How often do you notice your breath? Obviously, we all are breathing constantly, but do you ever take a moment and really breathe? Do you focus on the inhale and exhale while imagining the air captured through your mouth and nose and follow the intricate pathways throughout your body? Or do you notice the rhythm of your breathing and allow your mind to wander or settle from the general chaos that surrounds us daily. One of the many reasons I enjoy yoga is for the art of breathing. When I teach my Read More →

Allergy Mom ~ Egg Free Cupcake Recipe

PMD egg free cupcake

By Danielle Copeman The hardest part for a food allergy child are celebrations. It would be hard to attend your friend’s birthday party and not partake in the celebratory treats, right? As my egg allergic girl gets older, I see the sadness and frustration in her eyes when she is told that it is not safe for her to eat. It is torture for her and for me to watch. What I have learned to do is be prepared. Over prepared in fact. I bake safe (egg free) treats for her and freeze them. A Read More →

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