Grounded in Henry Miller

PMD Henry Miller quote

By Estelle Hayes This quote, spotted at the Henry Miller library in Big Sur last weekend, grounds me every single time I read it. I’ll be printing my own copy to tape up in my office for daily encouragement and inspiration. Do you have a favorite quote that helps you through the day? I’d love to start a collection. “Forget yourself.” That is just so good. Photo credit: Estelle Hayes

My Journey to Clean Living


By Estelle Hayes While pregnant, I became hyper aware, as many women do, of everything I was putting into my body. Whether it was choosing organic apples I craved so intensely or creams free from parabens, I was starting a journey that would impact my lifestyle and my role as a consumer forever. I didn’t realize that those small steps to protect myself and my growing baby would ignite a passion so strong I would launch a blog devoted to finding clean alternatives to virtually every conventional product I use daily. But here I am. Read More →

Backyard Picnic Quinoa Salad

PMD backyard picnic quinoa salad

By Estelle Hayes The warm weather has our family spending loads of time outside. I love to take my coffee on the backyard stoop in the mornings, even if it’s just for five minutes. It feels so good to get outside and check on the tomatoes and herbs. Emerson has been loving backyard picnics these days. We spread out a blanket and take snacks outside in the shade. I highly recommend this quick, easy and healthy salad for your very own backyard picnic. Especially, if you’re new to quinoa – it’s a great gateway recipe. Read More →

Party Planning for Food Allergies

PMD allergy tested

By Estelle Hayes I’m egg free. I’m nut free. I’m gluten free. I love these little food flags and cupcake liners Allergy Riders. They alert your party guests to allergy safe goodies in such stylish fashion. I’m pretty sure our resident allergy mom, Danielle Copeman will approve. The “I’m egg free” baking cups would be perfect for her egg free cupcakes recipe. They’d make a great gift for anyone in your life who’s recently discovered a serious food allergy. Images via Allergy Riders.

From The Garden: Sauteed Zucchini

PMD sauteed zucchini

By Torrie Sessions Now that we’ve covered the basics around how to feed your zucchini and squash, let’s switch gears a bit, and chat about a topic of equal importance… how to feed yourself with this quintessential summer vegetable.  Mastering zucchini in the garden is a feat any novice would be delighted to achieve.  But the unexpected delight (or dilemma) is the ability to master zucchini in the kitchen.  Here’s a little secret that the “experts” fail to mention.  When you get it… boy, do you get it.  Ever heard the phrase “drowning in zucchini?”  Read More →

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