Loving Kindness for Life

Big Sur

{One of my favorite spots in Big Sur. I  need to get back there in 2014.} I attended a really special day long mediation with Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock years ago. He’s a spiritual hero of mine. If you have any interest in meditation and mindfulness you might enjoy his books and teachings. He’s approachable and speaks in a way that really makes sense in our modern (crazy making) culture. He was on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday yesterday and it was such a delight to watch. You can catch the full episode of Super Soul Read More →

Weekend links for the holidays

Holiday table

Happy weekend, friends. I’ve come across so many interesting stories, recipes and thoughts online lately. In the midst of the consumerism and crazy of the holidays there also seems to be no shortage of thoughtful and thought-provoking ideas online. I just had to share a few. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle, check them out. Healthy cashew date treats I plan to make next week. When setting a goal ask yourself “how do you want to feel?” A genius approach to goal setting. Flower crowns. It looks like I’ll never tire of Read More →

California ~ my heartland

Water color California final

After nearly a week in Massachusetts for the Thanksgiving holiday I couldn’t help humming this tune. I always love visiting my in-laws. They take such good care of Emerson and generally make her feel like a golden little being of love. We only get out there once a year so it’s usually a whirlwind of visiting, playing and catching up. But all good things must end and we were ready to get home after the Thanksgiving festivities. Bottom line, when I travel I’m reminded that I’m a California girl at heart. It’s my soul place. Read More →

Goddess holiday gift guide


2014 Moon calendar, $16 ~ 100% Beeswax candles, $10 ~ The Moon Divas Guidebook, $14 Shopping normally gives me a twitch. Malls are the perfect storm of hideous lighting, perfume and uninspired branded sameness. It’s an exercise in frustration and I rarely leave feeling good about my purchases. Especially, if I’m looking for something really special. Treasures are few and far between. So I thought I’d gather a little round up of goodies I’d love to see under the tree this year. I’d be happy to give or receive any of these finds. Some of them are things I Read More →

Growing gratitude

Tree sample 1

Hi friends. I’m not in the habit of sharing my other work here on a regular basis, but I’m a regular contributor to All Parenting. Every once and a while I pull together a crafting tutorial – painful for me since crafting does not exactly come naturally to me. Creativity? Yes. Hot glue gun skills? Not so much. I love the tree of gratitude that Emerson and I worked on together. She’s been filling it with leaves for the past few weeks. Sharing her thanks for friends, family, books and the Boston Red Sox. It’s Read More →

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