In the Garden with Torrie and Ryan ~ Tomato Fail

PMD heirloom tomato

By Ryan Sessions The treasure of a summer garden is the heirloom tomato.  Our neighbors and family members are delighted when we have some to spare.  Who wouldn’t be impressed by a brightly colored fruit that looks and tastes unlike anything you can get from your local grocer?  We look like gardening superstars.  What your neighbors and family don’t know is that they received only the “good ones” – the ones that have not been ravaged by birds, split from over watering, or marked with a mysterious, and highly unattractive brown spot.  Sometimes things don’t Read More →

How Do You Detox?

PMD detox

By Estelle Hayes I don’t know about you, but late August always feels a little like early January to me. I get a real itch to start fresh. That usually means organizing my closet, scrubbing the refrigerator and re-committing to a fitness program. But my favorite way to hit the reset button is with an easy morning and evening ritual of brewing a little detox tea. Each day begins and ends with a cup of warm lemon water. Lately, I’ve been adding freshly grated ginger to both brews and apple cider vinegar to the evening cup. This little routine Read More →

Chef Dayna’s Vegan Tofu Noddles

Dayna McLeod Vegan Noodles

New to tofu or veggie-based meals? Fear not. Chef Dayna McLeod is sharing her fool-proof recipe for making mouth-watering crispy tofu (and yes, you read that right) with asian-style gluten-free noodles and veggies. Perfect for  a meatless Monday. Pink Moon Daily: What are the top health benefits of tofu? Chef Dayna: Health benefits to eating tofu may include lowering of LDL cholesterol, lowering Triglycerides, relieving symptoms of menopause and more. Tofu is a high-quality protein, containing all nine amino acids. It is also a good source of B-vitamins and iron. Tofu is made from soybeans Read More →

Chef Dayna McLeod’s Vegan Chocolate Mousse


Keep it vegan and healthy with Chef Dayna McLeod’s chocolate mousse. Your guests will not believe this dessert doesn’t have a drop of cream in it. Instead, it features silken tofu and high quality chocolate. Here’s what Dayna has to say about her most popular dessert and one of her favorite celebrity clients. Pink Moon Daily: Are there any desserts where people can’t believe you have not added butter, sugar or cream?  Chef Dayna: This chocolate mousse is by far the biggest crowd pleaser to date. This is my go-to dessert when I have non-vegan Read More →

Get Prepared ~ Facing Food Allergy Fears

PMD allergy kit

By Danielle Copeman In stressful situations many people can loose their focus, myself included. My all-time biggest fear as an allergy parent is not being prepared to handle an allergic reaction to an egg exposure. It is something that worries me ALL the time. So, each day I make sure we have what is needed to help protect our daughter. We never leave home without a fully stocked allergy prep kit. And it is ready to hand off to anyone watching her at any time. Here is what we stock: 1. Clear makeup bag: A good Read More →

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