Women who inspire: Mosey Images and Reverie-Daydream


Have you guys seen the gorgeous video collaborations coming from the Kim Thompson Steel and Melissa McArdle? It’s stunning photography/videography combined with excellent food, styling, music and perfect light. You know, porn for lovers of all things pretty. Kim and Mel are friends and I could not be more proud of their work, individually and now as a creative team. They’ve shared a bit of background on their collaboration with us here and be sure to check out the video recipes for mushrooms a la creme and kale and quinoa salad. How did this collaboration Read More →

It’s a New Day

A new day

Hi friends. Following a bit of a self-imposed sabbatical, the time has come to announce a few changes around here. I launched Pink Moon Daily in May 2012 with six exceptional contributors – Melissa McArdle, Torrie and Ryan Sessions, Dayna McLeod, Danielle Copeman and Katie Mattern. These ladies (and gentleman) gave their writing, their thoughts and their photography skills to this community with open hearts. I am forever in their debt for supporting the mission of providing invaluable information, inspiration and guidance on living a healthy lifestyle. So first and foremost, thank you to the Read More →

Melissa McArdle’s Homemade Granola Bars

PMD Granola-Reverie-Daydream

By Melissa McArdle Ever since I became a mama, my recipes are now approved by a very ‘sophisticated palate’ of a 4 ½ year old. She knows what she likes, and if all the ingredients are not to her liking, then I (and most often we) return to the mastering of perfection. It’s important for me to include her in all aspects of food. I want her to appreciate the process of eating from beginning to end, so we begin with where and how we source and purchase or gather our ingredients. I’ve noticed when Read More →

Holiday Baking with Whole Wheat Flour

PMD cookies

By Estelle Hayes I’ve been hearing the praises of Kim Boyce’s Good to the Grain for ages and I finally ordered my copy. It does not disappoint. I’m taking baby steps with alternative flours as I’ve been burned with some dreadful whole wheat pie crusts in the past. The chocolate chip and the gingersnap recipes will be a staple in our house. I’m already planning some holiday gift boxes full of these for special friends and family. Honestly, the gingersnap is near perfection. I’ll probably make them a bit smaller next time just to increase Read More →

What’s in Your Little’s Lunchbox? Estelle Shares

PMD Emerson's lunch

By Estelle Hayes My daughter, Emerson, is a four year-old creature of habit – much like her mama. She has some variation of this every single school day. Cheese quesadilla, apple sauce pouch and on occasion an organic yogurt tube or chewy granola bar and water. Overall, I’m o.k. with this lunch. Sure, I wish there was a whole fruit of some sort involved. Say, an apple or a bowl of strawberries, but she eats berries with dinner every single night. And I’m thinking of springing a whole wheat tortilla on her some time soon. I’d love to Read More →

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