Eat Real Food

PMD real food

By Estelle Hayes Iconic food writer Michael Pollan says it so well: “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” He makes it sounds so simple and reminds us that IT IS that simple. In his books (and they are all great reads) and countless articles, Pollan highlights the fact that our modern grocery stores are made up mostly of “food products” and that the only real food (read: non-processed) can be found on the outer left and right edges and that most everything in between ought to be avoided. Now this may not be entirely possible, Read More →

In the Garden ~ Picking Strawberries

PMD picking strawberries

By Torrie and Ryan Sessions After a winter of greens and root vegetables, we look forward to strawberries, a bright red sign that our summer garden is on its way.  Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones scoping out the little polka-dot gems.  There is nothing more disappointing than finding an empty stem after days of watching a green strawberry ripen, or turning one over to find that the underside has been ravaged by bugs.  This year we’re determined to enjoy as many as we can without giving them up to unsuspecting pests. Last year, we Read More →

Farm to Table: Herb Infused Lemon Sorbet

PMD farm to table herb lemon sorbet

I cannot get enough citrus this time of year. Whether it’s orange slices tossed in a salad or whole lemons added to my green juice, I crave that fresh zesty flavor of citrus throughout spring and summer. Inspired by this recipe, I finally tried my hand at homemade sorbet. I cut the sugar content in half and added fresh mint to the basil infusion, the result was a refreshingly sweet and tart after dinner treat. The recipe is really versatile and you could easily switch up your citrus and herb of juice. I’m thinking grapefruit Read More →

Sunday Thoughts on Perfection

PMD Katie Mattern tranquility

By Katie Mattern Many times people (myself included) feel that our houses, our bodies and our lives should follow a certain path and we worry ourselves into oblivion trying to obtain that perfection. But how does it make us feel to constantly strive for an unattainable goal? What do we miss out on when reaching for that elusive goal ring? This weekend, try focusing on what makes you feel content, replenished and happy. Ignore what you think you should do and do what makes you breathe deeply and smile. I promise, it feels much better Read More →

One Clean Tip ~ Safe Sunscreen

PMD Saturday Gems

By Estelle Hayes With the weather warming up, we’ll all be spending more time outside – tending to gardens, taking extra long bike rides and picnics at the beach. At least, those activities are high on my list for this weekend. Before you head out, be sure to pick up some clean sunscreen for your family – free from nasty chemicals. The Environmental Working Group has done your homework for you. Check out their sunscreen recommendations before you head out to the store. Photo credit: Estelle Hayes

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