Sunday Thoughts on Adventure

PMD Sunday Adventure Katie Mattern

By Katie Mattern Do you ever feel that with every change of season, anything is possible? Maybe it is an innate connection to the rhythms of our earth or general excitement about new beginnings, but with each season I tend to take a moment and take an internal inventory about my life and commit to trying new things, renew my commitments to the important people in my life and always, always remember to include the fun stuff. So as summer approaches, this quote by Maya Angelou seems perfect: “Because of our routines, we forget that Read More →

Eco Fashion for Kids

PMD eco fashion Minna kids

By Estelle Hayes I’m still stalking Fashioning Change for their genius “Wear This, Not That” feature. Most recently, I spotted some beautiful white dresses from Minna’s wedding line and that lead me to their children’s line. Special dresses, skirts and tops made from organic cotton in the U.K. All of the pieces, whether for mama or your little, are ethereal and feel truly unique in a see of mass-produced sameness found at the mall. Personally, I’m loving that little number with the mismatching buttons. Reminds me of something I would make for my own girl. Read More →

In the Garden: Growing Basil

PMD basil

A chilled movie theater, a glowing campfire, a backyard BBQ, an ocean breeze… Ahhh, the glorious aromas of summer. The ‘season of bounty’ may not be here just yet, but its mascot herb sure is, and- next to tomatoes- nothing smells more like summer than basil fresh from the garden. But its fragrance is just the beginning.  Aside from serving as the special key ingredient for a number of summer dishes, savory sauces, and sweet treats, basil is one of the simplest annual herbs to maintain.  And best of all, it’s the plant that keeps Read More →

Peachy Beachy Clean Make Up

PMD make up

By Estelle Hayes I’m finally taking the clean make up plunge. I’m going all in and throwing out all my toxic make up. Full disclosure: I’ve been using the same eye shadow, eye liner, bronzer and tinted moisturizer for nearly two decades and I do mean (in some cases) the same original compact of MAC eye shadow. Gross, I know. Obviously, I’m not a daily wearer and I realize this leaves me in the minority. Still, I’m finally committing to tossing all of it and replacing each item with a clean version. So, in addition Read More →

Cheers to Your Health ~ Tropical Juice


If you can’t get away to an island vacation, the least you can do is treat yourself to a festive (and healthy) tropical drink. This one reminds me of few of my favorite Odwalla drinks that I used to pay a pretty penny for, until I discovered juicing, of course. The recipe is easy and packed with vitamins A and C. 1 whole papaya 1 cup pineapple, cubed 1 whole orange I juiced the contents, but I think the result would have been just as delicious blended. It was a nice, reasonably thick drink and Read More →

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