One Clean Thing ~ The New Microwave Popcorn

PMD popcorn

By Tom Hayes As a kid growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts, we’d spend every Saturday morning downtown at the Strand Theater watching two-for-one double features of the latest B movies—usually something involving old school vampires or zombies with machetes. Me, I was there for the popcorn. The aroma of the Strand lobby was mesmerizing—and the olfactory joy of freshly popped corn is still the best part of going to the movies for me. Today, I have become a popcorn connoisseur: I have a very specific and time-tested regimen to my popcorn making which produces with Read More →

Get Smart~Pocket Guide to Clean Cosmetics


We get it. Label reading is hard. All those chemicals. All those claims. It’s a lot to keep track up while you’re browsing the aisles. We want to make it easier for you to quickly identify a few of the top toxic offenders in your make up, shampoo and creams. Download our free Pocket Guide to Clean Cosmetics and stash it in your handbag. Take it with you on your next trip to the make up counter or drug store. Download it today and let us know how your search for clean personal care product Read More →

Meditate Anywhere: A Beginner’s Guide


By Estelle Hayes You don’t have to visit an ashram or take a vow of silence to benefit from meditation. And you don’t need special clothes, mats or cushions to be your own guru. Meditation is a portable self-help tool you can take with you from the moment you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow. Here are a few tips to get you started on your practice. Try a mantra: Think of one word or short phrase that conjures up a sense of calm. Try peace, love or light. It may sound corny at first, but one Read More →

Keeping Your Baby Toxin Free

PMD safe baby checklist

By Estelle Hayes Are you pregnant? Thinking of becoming pregnant or know anyone in the baby way? If yes, this post is for you. While you’re preparing for your precious arrival, you’ll likely be stocking up on diapers, wipes, bubble bath and hand sanitizer, just to name a few of the essentials in your diaper bag. Be sure to always look for products that are free from the basic bad guys. i.e. toxic chemicals including phthalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLSs), triclosan and anything with a “fragrance” or “perfume.” These days there a lot of good options compared to Read More →

Strawberry Limeade Two Ways

PMD strawberry lime 2 ways

By Estelle Hayes By a show of hands, who’s gone fruit picking this season? If you have not partaken in this annual adventure it’s time to get picking. Emerson and I made our annual trek to Swanton Berry Farm, our local organic U-pick strawberry patch and came home with 13 pounds of goodies. We made quick work of a big pitcher of strawberry-limeade juice and a batch of the season’s first homemade popsicles. I cleaned, hulled and froze a ton of berries for an upcoming epic jam session with Melissa and Caroline, which will be Read More →

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