Field Trip to the Farm

green string farms ii pmd

By Melissa McArdle My family tends to seek out the farms in our community. Whether they have organic fruits and vegetables or free-range eggs and meat, we make a point to visit and support these eco-friendly establishments which grace the open-spaces cultivated with sustainable agriculture upon our treasured lands. Green String Farm in Sonoma, CA is a 140 acre farm, with approximately 60 acres in cultivation. They produce vegetables and fruits and maintain a farm store year-round.  A recent visit allowed us to mingle with 3-week-old goats, swing on the porch of a child-size Victorian house, Read More →

Garden-Inspired Cocktails

PMD lemon and mint

By Estelle Hayes If you’re in the States you’re no doubt looking forward to a long weekend of travel, cook-outs or family picnics. Memorial Day Weekend is a great excuse to kick back with a cool, refreshing drink. Why not try a cocktail inspired by your garden or at least the best of your grocery store’s produce section? Michelin-star restaurants like Manresa are leading the way in gourmet cocktails inspired by what is fresh in the garden. The Wall Street Journel just wrote a great feature on the Garden to Glass trend and Manresa’s signature Read More →

In the Garden ~ Picking Strawberries

PMD picking strawberries

By Torrie and Ryan Sessions After a winter of greens and root vegetables, we look forward to strawberries, a bright red sign that our summer garden is on its way.  Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones scoping out the little polka-dot gems.  There is nothing more disappointing than finding an empty stem after days of watching a green strawberry ripen, or turning one over to find that the underside has been ravaged by bugs.  This year we’re determined to enjoy as many as we can without giving them up to unsuspecting pests. Last year, we Read More →

Sustaining Local Flowers

PMD local flowers

By Estelle Hayes Do you know where your flowers come from? Have they been driven in a refrigerated truck across country or flown over from Amsterdam? Imagine the carbon footprint for that bouquet you sent your mother a couple of weeks ago. Increasingly, consumers are questioning the origin of their bouquets and supporting organic growing practices of their local floral farms. The authors of the 50 Mile Bouquet: Follow Your Flowers from Field to Vase blog, based on the book of the same name by Debra Prinzing make a case for sourcing only local, seasonal and sustainably grown flowers Read More →

Weekend Warrior ~ Weeds

PMD weed warrior

If you tackle one thing this weekend, let it weeds – vermin of the plant world. The two cleanest ways to rid your yard of pesky weeds are elbow grease and boiling water. You can double-in your weekend exercise by donning gardening gloves and pulling weeds (always from the root), or in many cases, you can snub the offending flora by pouring boiling water directly on them until they shrivel up. If you don’t have the time or patience for these guaranteed nontoxic approaches, there are few safe alternatives to the caustic weed killers found Read More →

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