Practicing Self Care Through Nature

PMD agave

By Estelle Hayes Last week I explored the topic of self care and how that concept changes for each of us over the years. I loved hearing about your routines of weekly walks with friends, solo kitchen time and quiet moments after the kids go to bed. Let’s keep the discussion going. What do you have planned this weekend to nurture yourself? I have two new seedlings to get in the ground and some banana peels to feed my roses. Taking care of my plant babies is a reliable way to lower my blood pressure, Read More →

From The Garden: Sauteed Zucchini

PMD sauteed zucchini

By Torrie Sessions Now that we’ve covered the basics around how to feed your zucchini and squash, let’s switch gears a bit, and chat about a topic of equal importance… how to feed yourself with this quintessential summer vegetable.  Mastering zucchini in the garden is a feat any novice would be delighted to achieve.  But the unexpected delight (or dilemma) is the ability to master zucchini in the kitchen.  Here’s a little secret that the “experts” fail to mention.  When you get it… boy, do you get it.  Ever heard the phrase “drowning in zucchini?”  Read More →

Garden Lust

PMD echinacea

I’m overly skilled at coveting gardens. I’ve been known to stop the car to admire a neighbor’s flowering tree and wild mustard in an abandoned field. It’s equal-opportunity garden loving in my world. Except when it comes to my own patch of dirt. At home, I’m full of judgement and doubt and general negativity. Until this past spring when I planted a cutting garden for the sole purpose of…enjoyment. Now I’m in full-blown love affair mode with my own little plant babies. Indulge me in a little gratuitous garden porn, won’t you… Carry on.

In the Garden ~ Growing Squash and Zucchini

PMD Torrie Sessions zucchini {upclose}

By Torrie Sessions I always thought gardening was as simple as throwing seeds in the ground in the spring and letting nature take care of the rest. Not quite the case. The feeble plants from our first few years of gardening didn’t measure up against my memories as a kid. If I add up all the expenses from building our raised beds, our sad little zucchinis were worth about $250 each. Our raised beds looked fantastic, and we bought quality seeds, but we were missing one of the most important components to any living thing… Read More →

Sunday Thoughts on Enthusiasm


“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” – Henry David Thoreau I few weeks back I temporarily lost my enthusiasm. I couldn’t find the fun in my work, this site, those free moments in the day…my world view went a little fuzzy. Lack of enthusiasm brings out the worst in me and I’m happy to report the fog has lifted. Yesterday, I cleaned up my garden, fed the flowers and pulled the weeds. Today I’m baking and preparing for a week of healthy, new (to me) meals and I’m looking forward to Read More →

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