Apple Picking with Torrie and Ryan

PMD apple-picking

By Torrie Sessions Aside from a little fertilizing, a bit of basil/tomato/squash/pepper-picking, and of course- watering, we’ve stayed pretty clear of our garden over the past couple of weeks.  You may recall the “lingering [southern California] summer” we wrote about in our previous post.   Well, a few days later- our weather took a major upward turn.  In other words, HOT became HOTTER.  Lingering is an understatement.  So, we’re calling this a “transitional” month. …A month to take a step away, and get inspired.  Whether it’s flipping through Sunset magazine, strolling through our favorite garden centers, Read More →

In the Garden ~ Prepping for Fall/Winter Plantings

PMD pumpkins

  By Torrie and Ryan Sessions Here in southern California, the arrival of a new season isn’t exactly as “clear-cut” as is the case in other parts of the world.  Fall saunters its way in eventually, not always [ever] as timely or prominent as I’d prefer.  Spring, on the other hand certainly compensates for its counterpart’s delay, sprinting right in with the utmost punctuality- not only on time, but early even!  Don’t get me wrong.  A lingering summer has a wealth of benefits- benefits that serve our garden well, and our appetites even greater.   How Read More →

In the Garden with Torrie and Ryan ~ Tomato Fail

PMD heirloom tomato

By Ryan Sessions The treasure of a summer garden is the heirloom tomato.  Our neighbors and family members are delighted when we have some to spare.  Who wouldn’t be impressed by a brightly colored fruit that looks and tastes unlike anything you can get from your local grocer?  We look like gardening superstars.  What your neighbors and family don’t know is that they received only the “good ones” – the ones that have not been ravaged by birds, split from over watering, or marked with a mysterious, and highly unattractive brown spot.  Sometimes things don’t Read More →

My Journey to Clean Living


By Estelle Hayes While pregnant, I became hyper aware, as many women do, of everything I was putting into my body. Whether it was choosing organic apples I craved so intensely or creams free from parabens, I was starting a journey that would impact my lifestyle and my role as a consumer forever. I didn’t realize that those small steps to protect myself and my growing baby would ignite a passion so strong I would launch a blog devoted to finding clean alternatives to virtually every conventional product I use daily. But here I am. Read More →

In the Garden ~ Pruning Tomatoes

PMD tomato pruning (arrows)

By Ryan Sessions It’s mid-July, and our Early Girl tomato vines have been producing for about a month. We’re picking about a pint of Sweet Millions a week and the heirlooms are coming along slowly but surely. With all these tomatoes coming in, we’re tempted to fill our basket and head into the house to dice em’ up, drizzle a little olive oil on top, along with a sprinkling of salt, pepper, and basil for a quick bruschetta. Not so fast. There is still work to be done. If you want your tomato vines to Read More →

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