My Ice Cream Sandwiches in House of Fifty


I’m thrilled to share the latest issue of House of Fifty magazine and honored to be a part of it. Check it out for a tutorial and recipe for making some yummy ice cream sandwiches. (There’s also a recipe for white wine sangria that I’ll be trying this weekend.) Also, I have to acknowledge my girlfriend, Melanie. Without her help, I could not have pulled off this little ice cream sandwich shoot, or this one. Photographing food is not easy. Countless blogs and magazines make it look effortless, but it is not. It’s made no Read More →

Strawberry Limeade Two Ways

PMD strawberry lime 2 ways

By Estelle Hayes By a show of hands, who’s gone fruit picking this season? If you have not partaken in this annual adventure it’s time to get picking. Emerson and I made our annual trek to Swanton Berry Farm, our local organic U-pick strawberry patch and came home with 13 pounds of goodies. We made quick work of a big pitcher of strawberry-limeade juice and a batch of the season’s first homemade popsicles. I cleaned, hulled and froze a ton of berries for an upcoming epic jam session with Melissa and Caroline, which will be Read More →

Party Planning for Food Allergies

PMD allergy tested

By Estelle Hayes I’m egg free. I’m nut free. I’m gluten free. I love these little food flags and cupcake liners Allergy Riders. They alert your party guests to allergy safe goodies in such stylish fashion. I’m pretty sure our resident allergy mom, Danielle Copeman will approve. The “I’m egg free” baking cups would be perfect for her egg free cupcakes recipe. They’d make a great gift for anyone in your life who’s recently discovered a serious food allergy. Images via Allergy Riders.

From The Garden: Sauteed Zucchini

PMD sauteed zucchini

By Torrie Sessions Now that we’ve covered the basics around how to feed your zucchini and squash, let’s switch gears a bit, and chat about a topic of equal importance… how to feed yourself with this quintessential summer vegetable.  Mastering zucchini in the garden is a feat any novice would be delighted to achieve.  But the unexpected delight (or dilemma) is the ability to master zucchini in the kitchen.  Here’s a little secret that the “experts” fail to mention.  When you get it… boy, do you get it.  Ever heard the phrase “drowning in zucchini?”  Read More →

Get BPAs Out Of Food

Empty tin cans ready for recycling isolated on white background

By Estelle Hayes Since the invention of the can in 1810, we have relied on the convenience of canned foods to save time in the kitchen and on the go (although the can opener wasn’t invented until 1858, so go figure). Problem is the linings of almost all cans we rely on contain bisphenol A (BPA), a controversial chemical also used in certain types of plastic bottles, utensils and the coatings for cash-register receipts. BPA has been directly associated with higher rates of brain and breast cancer. So even if you buy organic vegetables, if Read More →

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