DIY Summer Plans

PMD summer camp

By Estelle Hayes Have you ever made your own cheese? Can you mix a martini or muddle a mojito? How about make your own soap or compost your food scraps? Nope? Me neither. I’m thinking this summer is the perfect time to take on a few new challenges. Love Apple Farms is offering some amazing classes, none of which I can actually attend this month, but their schedule has inspired me to come up with a list of my own. And I’d love to know about any projects you plan to take on this summer. Read More →

Field Trip to the Farm

green string farms ii pmd

By Melissa McArdle My family tends to seek out the farms in our community. Whether they have organic fruits and vegetables or free-range eggs and meat, we make a point to visit and support these eco-friendly establishments which grace the open-spaces cultivated with sustainable agriculture upon our treasured lands. Green String Farm in Sonoma, CA is a 140 acre farm, with approximately 60 acres in cultivation. They produce vegetables and fruits and maintain a farm store year-round.  A recent visit allowed us to mingle with 3-week-old goats, swing on the porch of a child-size Victorian house, Read More →

Black Bean Burgers with Chef Dayna McLeod

PMD black bean burgers

Once a month, celebrity chef and plant-based diet expert Dayna McLeod will answer a few of our food-related questions and share one of her delicious recipes. I made her breakfast quinoa last week and it was a great start to me day. In addition to the recipe below, Dayna’s answering a few of my questions about transitioning your family’s diet to plant-based whole foods. Take it away, Chef Dayna. PMD: Beans are a big part of a healthy plant-based diet. Can you help us understand the health benefits? Chef Dayna: Beans are often called “poor Read More →

Eat Real Food

PMD real food

By Estelle Hayes Iconic food writer Michael Pollan says it so well: “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” He makes it sounds so simple and reminds us that IT IS that simple. In his books (and they are all great reads) and countless articles, Pollan highlights the fact that our modern grocery stores are made up mostly of “food products” and that the only real food (read: non-processed) can be found on the outer left and right edges and that most everything in between ought to be avoided. Now this may not be entirely possible, Read More →

Garden-Inspired Cocktails

PMD lemon and mint

By Estelle Hayes If you’re in the States you’re no doubt looking forward to a long weekend of travel, cook-outs or family picnics. Memorial Day Weekend is a great excuse to kick back with a cool, refreshing drink. Why not try a cocktail inspired by your garden or at least the best of your grocery store’s produce section? Michelin-star restaurants like Manresa are leading the way in gourmet cocktails inspired by what is fresh in the garden. The Wall Street Journel just wrote a great feature on the Garden to Glass trend and Manresa’s signature Read More →

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