My daily cup of sad


There it is. Decaf. My new normal. Accept nothing about my new decaffeinated life feels normal. Since changing my diet and lifestyle last year I’ve given up most grains and sugars (Save for birthday cake. All bets are off when buttercream is involved), I hardly drink even a sip of wine and for crying out loud I’ve replaced pasta night with zucchini noodles. My last and utterly delightful vice was coffee. Sweet nectar of the gods in my cup each and every morning, plus soul satisfying cup of green tea in the afternoon. I wrote Read More →

Back at it


The past few months have been a whirlwind of life. Career shifts, a Kindergarten graduation and a new and exciting project for my family that has hovered over our waking hours since last fall. I caught myself telling someone recently that I’m “about to come up for air” or maybe I was “about to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Some terribly overused analogy for “I’ve been so busy, but I swear I’m getting my act together soon!” The entire exchange stuck with me like a pit in my stomach. I don’t Read More →

Happy nontoxic Valentine’s Day: chocolate

clean chocolate

I love nothing more than a bite (or three) of high quality, dark chocolate at the end of the day. I’m happy to spend a little more on a product free from preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Once you taste good quality chocolate you won’t even bother with the junk your kids come home with – no thanks to that jumbo bag of miniatures. Total waste of time. Sometimes I get really dirty and  scoop a spoonful of peanut butter on to my bites. It’s such a reliable happy maker. I’ve rounded up my favorite Read More →

Less is more, always

PMD yogurt tubes

The older I get, the clearer I become on the value of simplicity. I’d rather have one or two great fitting pairs of jeans than a closet full of trendy, ill-fitting, or someday-I’ll-loose-five-pounds and those will fit pairs of space hogs. When I focus on quality versus quantity of anything my overall experience of that item becomes expansive, deeply satisfying and rich. Same goes for food. Don’t  get me wrong. I love seeing the sheer abundance and variety at my farmer’s market, but I’m happier when I return home to review the considered items I Read More →

The great date round up


Looking back, it’s no surprise that the first time I tasted the sweet goodness of a medjool date was at Melissa’s house. She served a lovely tray of warmed pitted dates that had been stuffed with a marcona almond and sprinkled with sea salt. Such a divine start to the meal. I’ve been hooked ever since. Now that I’m avoiding almost all sugar, the occasional date tastes like a very sweet treat. I love to pair them with some protein from a raw nut butter so as to avoid a glycemic spike and I’ve found Read More →

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