Hollywood cleans up its (make up) act

clean make up

High fashion takes its cues from cool kids on the streets, but mainstream consumers (and consumer brands) take inspiration from Hollywood. Like it or not, our popular culture is highly influenced by the doings of the latest starlets. Why else would the red carpet arrivals of inside industry events like the SAG awards warrant televised commentary? And how many of us will be cuddled up on the couch with a glass of bubbly to catch the first glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in all their glory on the Academy Awards red carpet? No Read More →

Less is more, always

PMD yogurt tubes

The older I get, the clearer I become on the value of simplicity. I’d rather have one or two great fitting pairs of jeans than a closet full of trendy, ill-fitting, or someday-I’ll-loose-five-pounds and those will fit pairs of space hogs. When I focus on quality versus quantity of anything my overall experience of that item becomes expansive, deeply satisfying and rich. Same goes for food. Don’t  get me wrong. I love seeing the sheer abundance and variety at my farmer’s market, but I’m happier when I return home to review the considered items I Read More →

Weekend links for the holidays

Holiday table

Happy weekend, friends. I’ve come across so many interesting stories, recipes and thoughts online lately. In the midst of the consumerism and crazy of the holidays there also seems to be no shortage of thoughtful and thought-provoking ideas online. I just had to share a few. If you’re looking for a break from the hustle, check them out. Healthy cashew date treats I plan to make next week. When setting a goal ask yourself “how do you want to feel?” A genius approach to goal setting. Flower crowns. It looks like I’ll never tire of Read More →

Goddess holiday gift guide


2014 Moon calendar, $16 ~ 100% Beeswax candles, $10 ~ The Moon Divas Guidebook, $14 Shopping normally gives me a twitch. Malls are the perfect storm of hideous lighting, perfume and uninspired branded sameness. It’s an exercise in frustration and I rarely leave feeling good about my purchases. Especially, if I’m looking for something really special. Treasures are few and far between. So I thought I’d gather a little round up of goodies I’d love to see under the tree this year. I’d be happy to give or receive any of these finds. Some of them are things I Read More →

Cleaning out, finding ease

San Diego Botanical Garden

Did you catch Michelle’s completely happy and soulful house tour on Design Sponge last week? Pretty much my dream combination of organic elements, meaningful touches and bits of pink woven throughout. One particular image completely rocked my Monday and stuck with me all week until I had a free moment to act on the inspiration. Her closet. I mean, come on. Quality, simplicity and ease at its very finest. Photo by Melissa Oholendt via Design Sponge I proceeded to remove every single item from my closet and spent most of Saturday sorting and purging. Six Read More →

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