Men’s Room ~ All Lathered Up

Mens Room Hero Size lettering

Look, my face is my fortune, so to speak, so when it comes to shaving cream I don’t want to mess around with nasty chemicals on my tender flesh or anywhere near my eyes.  Yet, all the popular shave creams that litter the typical drug store and supermarket shelves are chock full of stuff better left for an EPA waste drum.  Read the labels and you’ll find that most shave foam is really a septic smoothie of well known carcinogens, toxins and irritants.  No wonder so many guys I know arrive at work in the Read More →

Dr. Bronner’s Takes on Aphids; Rose-Lovers Rejoice

PMD One clean thing Dr Bronners

Dr. Bronner’s products have enjoyed a cult following for several generations and for good reason. Their formulations contain high quality, pure ingredients and have recently been certified organic by the USDA and fair trade by the IMO’s Fair for Life program. The liquid magic soap in peppermint make an invigorating shower gel and can be mixed with water for an effective surface cleaner. But did you know it’s also a nontoxic pesticide? I planted my first ever rose bushes in February and have been babying them every step of their life in my garden. When Read More →

Clean Lips and Lashes (+ a giveaway)

PMD lips love lashes

Last year I started reading labels and googling mystery ingredients in my personal care products and writing about it at Huffington Post. Admittedly, I’m not a huge make-up gal, but I do love a bit of lipstick or gloss and rarely leave home without curled eyelashes and mascara. Turns out, my vices are two of the worst offenders when it comes to potentially dangerous recipes. Conventional mascaras are typically filled with parabans, mercury, synthetic fragrance, petroleum-derived ingredients and dyes. The stuff may lengthen and fill your lashes, but many of these unregulated ingredients have been Read More →

Get Healthy and Happy with Pink Moon Daily

Welcome to Pink Moon Daily

Welcome to Pink Moon Daily – a daily source of information and inspiration to help you live your healthiest life. Together the the Pink Moon Daily team will bring stories of clean, green and sustainable living out from the fringes and into the mainstream. We believe in living well through good food, beautiful surroundings and healthy living and that making sustainable choices doesn’t mean living without the things you love. Whether it’s through a recipe, new green product, meditative thought or gardening tip, you’re sure to find inspired ways to improve your life through Pink Read More →

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