My Journey to Clean Living


By Estelle Hayes While pregnant, I became hyper aware, as many women do, of everything I was putting into my body. Whether it was choosing organic apples I craved so intensely or creams free from parabens, I was starting a journey that would impact my lifestyle and my role as a consumer forever. I didn’t realize that those small steps to protect myself and my growing baby would ignite a passion so strong I would launch a blog devoted to finding clean alternatives to virtually every conventional product I use daily. But here I am. Read More →

One Clean ~ It’s the Pits

PMD soapwalla deodorant cream etsy

By Melissa McArdle  We all have them. Armpits. The annoying source of funk that seems to require major ‘pampering’ in order to be socially accepted and friend worthy. It’s no longer a secret that the anti-stink roll-ons which blanket the beauty and body care aisles are not exactly what you want to be placing upon your body. Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of your ‘spring shower’ scented stick? Good luck with the pronunciations, and I hope your eyebrows furrowed a bit at the sight of aluminum as an active ingredient.  But Read More →

Get Smart~Pocket Guide to Clean Cosmetics


We get it. Label reading is hard. All those chemicals. All those claims. It’s a lot to keep track up while you’re browsing the aisles. We want to make it easier for you to quickly identify a few of the top toxic offenders in your make up, shampoo and creams. Download our free Pocket Guide to Clean Cosmetics and stash it in your handbag. Take it with you on your next trip to the make up counter or drug store. Download it today and let us know how your search for clean personal care product Read More →

Sunscreen Safety Zone: What to Avoid

PMD Safe Sunscreen checklist

Staying safe in the summer sun is easier said than done. I have very fair skin and together with my sunburn-prone husband we made one of the whitest, redheaded babies in the Western world. So, skin protection is sort my thing. The Environmental Working Group recently published their 2012 Sunscreen Guide and it’s a must read for anyone who plans to leave the house this summer. Seriously, they do the research so you don’t have to and their Skin Deep data base is filled with brands that have vetted so you can comparison shop at Read More →

One Clean Thing: Kids Nail Polish

PMD one clean thing kids nail polish

Scotch Naturals is leading the way in water-based and toxin free nail products. In addition to being “3 free” (free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl Phthalate) they’ve also eliminated ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals from their formulations. And now they have a line of kid’s nail colors called Hopscotch, in addition to their beautiful grown up line of polishes. If you have kids than you’ve probably already experienced first hand the kind of influence you have over their choices (when they’re young – all bets are off the table during those Read More →

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