Late to the party


{You try telling a six year-old that fedoras are no longer a thing. I guarantee she’ll be wearing that hat until they come back around. If I’m destined to always be late to the party, Emerson will show up early and eventually wear out her welcome. We are different that way.}

That’s where I often find myself. Several months or even few years behind the crowd. Not in all things, mind you. I can thank my parents for instilling an appreciation for dark chocolate and a perfect cup of home brewed drip coffee at an early age, my grandmother and great aunt for a lifelong love of antique stores and my stepmom for an obsession with depression glass and costume jewelry. Like something long enough and it’s bound to pop up on Pinterest, right? See also cake, rainbows, Lionel Ritchie and the Muppets. It’s pretty much all 1986 all the time where I live.

But, when it comes to media I’m reliably several seasons behind. You all have been downloading podcasts for years, right? Yeah, I just discovered Marc Maron three months ago. I’ve been depending on mainstream, old-school programming for years. What’s on the radio or TV right now is what I’m likely to focus on. My TV is stuck on Bravo so I surround myself with Real Housewives and super douche real estate agents. I’m not proud. My car radio is programed to my local NPR station, but I only seem to listen in on my weekly grocery and Target run.

Turns out, it’s 2014 and most everything I’m interested in consuming is available ON DEMAND. Did I mention I live in the Silicon Valley epicenter and by all accounts should know better? In that vain, here’s a round up of a few TV shows, podcasts and creatives endeavors infiltrating my world of late.

Scandal. For crying out loud, people. Why am I just learning about this now? My husband and I have been living and breathing Olivia and Fitz for the past four weeks and we are currently white knuckling the countdown to season 4 on September 25. This show is a serious problem for me. Grey’s Anatomy completely passed me by and I’ve never seen even a second of Private Practice. But Scandal has rendered me nothing short of a Shonda Rhimes cat toy. I get it and I surrender. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate her impeccable casting, story telling and generally creative genius. Highly recommend you Netflix this and start from the very beginning.

WTF Podcast (especially the Lena Dunham interview)

Amy Poehler and her Smart Girls movement. Also, this response to men feeling pressured to be all things all the time. Spot on.

Ted Radio Hour. All of it. Every single one. Can’t go wrong here.

Is there anything else you’ve been holding out on me, internet? Anything I’ll smack myself six months from now for not tuning in to? Secrets do not make friends. Spill ‘em.


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