Happy nontoxic Valentine’s Day: flower oils, serums and perfumes


Yesterday we established that mainstream, found in your mall or your drugstore perfumes are a thing of the past. Even your fancy pants Chanel #5 needs to go. *See below for a quick reminder about why it’s best to avoid ALL personal care products that list “fragrance” or “perfume” in it’s ingredients. Today I’m loading you up with tons of indulgent options. Whether it’s citrus, vanilla, spice or rose notes you are sure to find a new, clean signature scent – sans synthetics.


1. Tata Harper Love Potion, $80

Tata Harper’s mission is to “create products that contribute to our health, wellbeing and peace of mind.” She makes beautifully crafted oils and fragrances on her Vermont ranch that feel luxurious and smell great. Bonus points for packaging up that Love Potion in an adorable throw back bottle.

2. Honore Des Pres Vamp, $98

This is the gold standard of clean fragrance. Made in France without any synthetics? Impressive. There’s a scent for everyone available at Spirit Beauty Lounge, one of my favorite clean beauty stores.

3. One Love Organics Body Serum Gift Set, $110

I love a great serum for soothing winter weathered skin. A gift pack is fun for playing with different scents. Lavender on the neck and hands at bedtime. Neroli all over for date night. There are so many options. I also love treating my daughter to a foot rub at bedtime with the scent of her choice and I’m pretty sure she’d happily take this over a box of conversation hearts on Valentine’s day.

4. Lotus Wei Infinite Love, $45

Lotus Wei serums, mists and perfumes were my gateway into clean fragrance. Once I smelled Infinite Love and Inner Peace the transition to honestly natural and pure scents was easy. I cannot say enough good stuff about their products. I can recommend any thing on their site with confidence.

In the words of Tate Harper, “beauty products should contribute to your health, not compromise it.” Preach it!

Have you made the switch to a clean fragrance, yet? Do you have a favorite product to recommend? I’d love to hear about it so please share. I’d also love to hear which brand you might be thinking about giving up in honor of Valentine’s Day.


*Any personal care product that includes the word “fragrance” or “perfume” in it should be treated as a major red flag. This is a catch all term for an endless combination of trade mark protected and often, toxic ingredients – hormone disruptors linked to cancer, sperm damage and thyroid disfunction. Also, common reactions include asthma, wheezing and skin reactions. Not to mention a strong odor that can be just plain offensive to those around you.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what the Environmental Working Group has to say about perfume. And then there’s this study from The President’s Cancer Panel from 2010 where they recommend that pregnant women avoid hormone disrupters found in common perfumes. Manufacturers do not legally have to disclose the chemicals that make up their signature scent so, you really have no idea what’s lurking inside that bottle.

Stay tuned all week for beautifully nontoxic Valentine’s tips and suggestions for a nontoxic love day.

Monday: Give the gift of a rose bush – the gift that truly keeps on giving.




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