Happy nontoxic Valentine’s Day: clean kissable lips


If you’re new to the clean world of nontoxic cosmetics you may not know how nasty mainstream lipsticks, glosses and balms can be. Many have tested for significant amounts of lead and most contain preservatives, artificial colors and fragrance. Gross. And if we’ve learned anything this week, we know that when fragrance or a perfume is listed on an ingredient list you will never really know what’s making that smell. P.S. it’s usually a cocktail of synthetic additives that you don’t want anywhere near your precious lips. Best to stick with a few tried and true brands that are making organic and clean products. Here are a few of my favorites and a couple on my wish list.

*Read below for a refresher on why synthetic fragrances and perfumes should always be avoided. Don’t worry, there are plenty of clean options out there!

Badger Lip Balm 4 Pack, $10
I’m a big fan of Badger products. I use their sunscreens, lip balm with sunscreen and the aromatic chest balm on Emerson’s chest and nose when she’s congested. And speaking of 5 year olds, my daughter always wants to share my lip glosses and balms whenever she catches me in the mirror. I love being able to hand her something I know won’t harm her little body.

Badger Lip Tins & Shimmers, $6
I have yet to try their lip shimmers, but I can always use another reliable nude gloss. It’s my go-to.

EOS Sphere Lip Balms, $3
These make really fun gifts for kids. They’re pretty clean and you cannot beat that packaging. My girl fancies herself oh so sophisticated every time she gets a chance to wear this stuff.

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer, $5
I’ve yet to try Burt’s Bees. Silly, because it’s everywhere. You can usually pick this up at Target and of course, Whole Foods. They’ve got a nice range of colors. I’d love to hear if you have a favorite.

I wrote about these two last week. But they’re my favorite so there you have it. I’m ready to drop some serious coin on a stash of Ilia since it doesn’t cause me to break out. This is huge for me! Big thumbs up.

Ilia lip stick
Beautiful and long lasting colors, creamy texture and it doesn’t make me break out (I can’t wear most lipsticks – even naturals due to cystic break outs). This one is a keeper.

100% Pure Lip Gloss
Pretty colors, not too goopy.


*Any personal care product that includes the word “fragrance” or “perfume” in it should be treated as a major red flag. This is a catch all term for an endless combination of trade mark protected and often, toxic ingredients – hormone disruptors linked to cancer, sperm damage and thyroid disfunction. Also, common reactions include asthma, wheezing and skin reactions. Not to mention a strong odor that can be just plain offensive to those around you.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what the Environmental Working Group has to say about perfume. And then there’s this study from The President’s Cancer Panel from 2010 where they recommend that pregnant women avoid hormone disrupters found in common perfumes. Manufacturers do not legally have to disclose the chemicals that make up their signature scent so, you really have no idea what’s lurking inside that bottle.

Stay tuned all week for beautifully nontoxic Valentine’s tips and suggestions for a nontoxic love day.

Monday: Give the gift of a rose bush – the gift that truly keeps on giving.
Tuesday: Spray a little clean perfume, it’s true! There are plenty to replace you old toxic favorite.
Wednesday: Clean bubble baths, plus my favorite DIY gift idea for any of your loves.

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