Happy nontoxic Valentine’s Day: chocolate

clean chocolate

I love nothing more than a bite (or three) of high quality, dark chocolate at the end of the day. I’m happy to spend a little more on a product free from preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Once you taste good quality chocolate you won’t even bother with the junk your kids come home with – no thanks to that jumbo bag of miniatures. Total waste of time. Sometimes I get really dirty and  scoop a spoonful of peanut butter on to my bites. It’s such a reliable happy maker. I’ve rounded up my favorite bars that I keep in rotation. I also love that spending money on these brands means that I’m supporting the hard working folks who grow the beans and often other well-deserving nonprofit organizations. All of the chocolate makers listed here have heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

Endangered Species Chocolate, they make my current favorite bar with 88% pure cocoa and 5 grams of sugar. Pretty good when I’m looking for a little boost.

Kakao Berlin, my girlfriend from second grade started this company with her dad and they are making amazing chocolate. I’m so excited to see her dream job take off.

Tcho, tour their facilities next time you’re in San Francisco.

Theo, learn all about their bean to bar process.

Raaka, unroasted chocolate. I just tried the vanilla rooibos and it’s amazing.

This healthy hot chocolate recipe looks pretty cozy. I’ve yet to try hemp seeds, but I’ve got everything in my pantry so this is going on my Valentine’s weekend menu for sure.

Sign me up for this healthy(ish) hot chocolate smoothie from The Chalkboard. Plus, they’re giving you 10 reasons to eat chocolate. As if  you needed more than one.

Do yourself a favor and whip up a batch of these raw chocolate brownie bites found on Mind, Body, Green. They look and sound amazing and I’ll be making some tonight!


Stay tuned all week for beautifully nontoxic Valentine’s tips and suggestions for a nontoxic love day.

Monday: Give the gift of a rose bush – the gift that truly keeps on giving.
Tuesday: Spray a little clean perfume, it’s true! There are plenty to replace you old toxic favorite.
Wednesday: Clean bubble baths, plus my favorite DIY gift idea for any of your loves.
Thursday: Clean, kissable lips. Enough said.

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