Happy nontoxic Valentine’s Day: bubble bath

Is there anything more indulgent than a bubble bath? Hands down, my favorite place in my home is the soaking tub. It gets a ton of use. Even a quick foot soak after a long day is enough for me to feel nourished and refreshed. I stock up on bubble baths to   care for every mood and beeswax candles (they purify the air) like it’s my job. That way, bath time always feels like a retreat and a reset. Whether it’s for me or my 5 year old, I make sure tub time is rich with everything needed for a soothing escape. Here are a few of my favorite nontoxic bubble baths – all perfect for gifting your beloved or yourself on Valentine’s Day.

*See below for a refresher on why it’s good to go nontoxic with your fragrances this Valeninte’s Day and beyond.


EO Nighty Nite Blue Chamomile and Lavender,  $12

I just can’t say enough about EO’s bath products. Their bath salts make me crazy happy and the bubbles come in every scent you could possibly imagine. Next up, I’m trying the rose, geranium and citrus for BALANCE – of which, I need some in my life.

Everyday Shea Calming Eucalyptus Mint, $14

This is my go-to for Emerson, but I often add it to my own baths. She loves the packaging (we have a thing for elephants) and I love the nurturing scent and you just can’t beat the company’s commitment to doing good in the world. They are fair trade certified and proceeds from the bubble bath benefit the Alaffia Healthy Baby Program, which provides nutrition and health care for babies in central Togo (where they harvest the shea butter) during their first 18 months of life.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Travel Size, $4.25

Technically, not a bubble bath, but still completely awesome. The peppermint scent is so pure and bright. I love it for a foot soak along with some bath salts. It won’t bubble or foam, but it’s still a delight. It’s also a great shower gel and then, of course, it’s the best aphid solution EVER. Pick up travel sizes in a variety of scents like orange, lavender and rose for a fun gift for a friend. You’ll find endless uses for this stuff throughout your house.

California Baby, $14

Can’t go wrong, here. I’ve loved all their clean products since having a baby of my own, but the bubble bath has remained a fixture in our house well beyond babyhood. I love that each bottle comes with a bubble wand and their formulation actually makes the strongest and biggest bubbles. We have spend years testing this theory. This is always a treat for my girl and when it’s mama’s turn you better believe I add a dash for the added bubble factor.

DIY Scented Bath Salts

Big bang for your buck, here and the easiest gift you’ll ever make. Buy a bag of unscented bath salts. I get mine at Whole Foods Body. Divide it up into small mason jars or Weck jars. Add a couple drops of a high quality essential oil to each. Mix it up with the end of a wooden spoon. Add some tried lavender or rose petals to match your scent. Maybe throw in a small crystal for some hippie power. I’m always partial to a little clear or rose quartz in my life. Seal it up, label it, tie a festive ribbon on it and start making friends. I’m serious, give these out to friends, neighbors and family, but be sure and save one for yourself.


*Any personal care product that includes the word “fragrance” or “perfume” in it should be treated as a major red flag. This is a catch all term for an endless combination of trade mark protected and often, toxic ingredients – hormone disruptors linked to cancer, sperm damage and thyroid disfunction. Also, common reactions include asthma, wheezing and skin reactions. Not to mention a strong odor that can be just plain offensive to those around you.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what the Environmental Working Group has to say about perfume. And then there’s this study from The President’s Cancer Panel from 2010 where they recommend that pregnant women avoid hormone disrupters found in common perfumes. Manufacturers do not legally have to disclose the chemicals that make up their signature scent so, you really have no idea what’s lurking inside that bottle.

Stay tuned all week for beautifully nontoxic Valentine’s tips and suggestions for a nontoxic love day.

Monday: Give the gift of a rose bush – the gift that truly keeps on giving.
Tuesday: Spray a little clean perfume, it’s true! There are plenty to replace you old toxic favorite.


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