Hollywood cleans up its (make up) act

clean make up

High fashion takes its cues from cool kids on the streets, but mainstream consumers (and consumer brands) take inspiration from Hollywood. Like it or not, our popular culture is highly influenced by the doings of the latest starlets. Why else would the red carpet arrivals of inside industry events like the SAG awards warrant televised commentary? And how many of us will be cuddled up on the couch with a glass of bubbly to catch the first glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in all their glory on the Academy Awards red carpet? No shame. I’m raising both hands.

With that in mind, I could not be more excited to report that more and more A-list actors are starting to go mainstream with their nontoxic make up. This is huge! I don’t know if it’s make up artists introducing their clients to clean brands or the actresses demanding better quality products on their beautiful faces. It doesn’t matter. Change is happening.

Truth be told, it still breaks my heart to see talented artists and performers like Drew Barrymore and Pink get all dreamy-eyed over their beauty contracts with Revlon and Cover Girl. I get that it’s a business and that a beauty deal is big deal, but I can’t help but think these ladies would not happily let their young daughters play with the free make up (i.e. chemicals) that are sent home after a long commercial shoot, if they knew what a toxic load they were carrying.

Fast forward to Naomi Watts, Rashida Jones and Lizzy Caplan rocking nontoxic beauty looks at this year’s Golden Globes. Kudos to The Telegraph for even writing about this trend. Now let’s do our part by supporting the gorgeous brands that are taking “clean” make up to the masses. Here are a few of my favorites. Please share your go-to clean brands. I’m still looking for a decent mascara and eye liner. I fear this may be futile, but I refuse to give up. Maybelline, I’d rather have naked lashes than wear your crap.

Ilia lip stick: beautiful and long lasting colors, creamy texture and it doesn’t make me break out (I can’t wear most lipsticks – even naturals due to cystic break outs). This one is a keeper.

100% Pure Lip Gloss: pretty colors, not too goopy.

Juice Beauty Tinted Moisturizer: Nice and light coverage, 30 spf. Clean beauty experts around the web swear by their CC Cream. I have yet to try it, but I’ll be ordering it as soon as my tinted moisturizer runs out. Hoping it compared to my beloved Laura  Mercier.

For more information on how to truly clean up your make up bag check out my piece on All Parenting.

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