Goal setting for the win (and a video from me)

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver, Poet

Happy bright new year, friends. So far, 2014 has all the makings of a great year. Prosperity, growth and big time success feel just within reach. I’m feeling hope and joy from so many people these days. And while, most of us ride on the sense of renewal that comes with a new year, I’m thinking that this year may carry a piece of that goodness with it throughout the coming months. Everything I’m reading (and feeling) tells me it’s a great time for planning adventures, taking on new goals and really digging into positive change.  Are you with me? Have you set some positive intentions for yourself? Committed to something big? If so, I want to hear all about it. Let’s talk goals and help one another achieve those things we never thought possible.

As a society we don’t live in a vacuum so why keep our precious dreams quiet? We’re all connected. If no one knows that you’ve always wanted to bake a souffle or run a marathon than you’re actually depriving your loved ones (and their loved ones – if you consider the power of networking) the opportunity to help you. Your neighbor could have a fail-proof recipe and all the special equipment needed for that decadent dessert. Your best friend’s cousin could train amatuer runners as a side business. Every connection in your address book could be just one connection away from helping you make that goal real.

I’ve got a few projects in the works for myself and I’ll share more about those as I make progress. Let’s just say I’ve been spending some quality time each day with my paper shredder, medical records from 20 years ago and a soul-stirring financial  planning book. Yep, you read that right. I’m getting my financial house and paper trail in order. Big time. More soon, I promise.

My other big goal for this year is to grow this community through sharing more often and consistently about my journey as a healthy living advocate. I’ve documented my progress over the years starting with this piece on Huffington Post and then in countless pieces here on this site. I’m still learning to let go of certain personal care products, foods and behaviors that have proven toxic to my lifestyle and I’m hoping that my ride on this roller coaster may help some of you.

Are you worried about the chemicals in your cosmetics? Do you want to start making the switch to clean personal care products? Are you struggling with changing your eating habits? I want to help. Reach out, hit me up on Twitter. Send me an email. I’d love to share knowledge, compare notes and help each other make the most of this one wild and precious life.

And finally, 2014 is already showing me to be a year of facing fears. From taking charge of my finances to telling you I want to grow this community, I’m doing everything I can to say “hey” to the things that scare me and then, promptly, do them anyway. With that in mind, check out my first ever video message (Happy New Year 2014). In the future, I’ll be bringing you more content this way, with loads of tips on how to live your healthiest life. Don’t forget to share one of your goals for the year in the comments. I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way. See you soon!

Happy New Year 2014 A video message from me! (1.44 seconds)

Editorial note: Did you notice I flubbed the quote? Bold instead of wild?!? Ah, well. Accepting my imperfections and publishing anyway. Cheers! Also, I’m off to research handheld tripods. Looks like I had one too many cups of coffee today.

Many thanks to my friend Jeanne Oliver of Jeanne Oliver Designs for introducing me the beautiful Mary Oliver quote and poetry.


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  • Tiffany

    This is great Estelle!!! I hope 2014 is a great year all around! I too want to work to get our finances in order and get to really understand what we are doing with them.

  • Mel

    I love the optimism! It’s such beautiful hope mixed with practicality which is a win win! I’m so geared up for a healthy wonderful year, following a few really stinky little injuries and illnesses last year. I’m ready to feel great and have fun! Love the video – keep them coming!

  • http://torriesessions.blogspot.com/ Torrie @ a place to share…

    facing fears is what 2014 will be all about. cannot wait to hear (and share) more along the way.

  • Estelle Hayes

    Oh Torrie, I want to hear about your fears. Are you blogging about it?