The coffee break reimagined

PMD coffee break final Collage

Since giving up most sugars and grains a few months ago my life has changed in ways I could never have predicted. I shared a bit about this journey here. I would not have believed that I could have ever experienced such sustained high energy, a migraine free and medication free lifestyle and an honest enthusiasm for this approach to food. I feel so good that I literally want to stop people on the street and spread the word, but I am not that lady.

That isn’t to say I haven’t had a few tantrums along the way. I’m looking at you, box of gingerbread cookies on Christmas eve, morning and night. You, my friend, were a gift from the baby Jesus himself.

A few cookies here, a glass of bubbly there. That’s called living. But for the most part (and we’re talking 90 percent of my food and drink consumption) is free from sugar and grains. A healthy dose of mindfulness, a few key ingredients and some daily “treats” are helping to make this new way of being feel abundant, satisfying and celebratory.

I’ve found the afternoon coffee break to be a bit of a witching hour for me. I want something sweet and something fast. These days I’m working out of my home, but I remember hitting up the communal office kitchens for a hit of something baked or a handful of candy from my neighbors desk. You know the the one who always has a jar of peanut M&Ms or who loves to bake and brings in cookies and cakes every week. At home, there’s no one to visit and indulge with – it’s just me.

Rather than make a piece of toast or run to my corner bakery (my old routine) I now step away from my computer, brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea and really indulge in a 10-15 minute break. Sometimes I sit outside, sometimes I just move to another room in the house. But I always make a point to turn it into a ceremony that feels nourishing and replenishing. I pour my hot beverage in a beautiful cup and saucer. I add unsweetened heavy cream to my coffee, or steamed coconut milk to a roiboos chai tea. Have you tried Numi’s chai? It’s so much better than any sweetened concentrate or packet you’ll get from a coffee house, I promise. And Numi’s chocolate Pu’erh is also a delightful brew. No sugar and a mellow and satisfying hint of chocolate and spice.

One cup of something special and my treat fix is satisfied and I’m pretty happy to tackle the rest of my to-do list. And I don’t get the jitters or a glycogen spike. Do you have a healthy go-to treat? Something that reliably comforts you without distracting you from your healthiest path? I’d love any new ideas you’ve got!

P.S. Numi doesn’t pay me to sing their praises, but they really do make the most flavorful tea with an inspiring commitment to fair trade, sustainable and organic practices. They are an Oakland-based and family fun business that I cannot say enough good things about. I love seeing a Bay Area company doing so well. Go Numi, go!

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