Loving Kindness for Life

Big Sur

{One of my favorite spots in Big Sur. I  need to get back there in 2014.}

I attended a really special day long mediation with Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock years ago. He’s a spiritual hero of mine. If you have any interest in meditation and mindfulness you might enjoy his books and teachings. He’s approachable and speaks in a way that really makes sense in our modern (crazy making) culture.

He was on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday yesterday and it was such a delight to watch. You can catch the full episode of Super Soul Sunday with Jack Kornfield here or if you have Comcast it’s available on demand until the 18th. Listening to him reminded me of one of my favorite mantras/prayers. I said it every night to myself and to Emerson when I was pregnant. It’s calming and grounding and you just can’t help but feel compassionate toward yourself and others while reciting it. Maybe it will help you over these next few weeks.

Prayer for LovingKindness

May I be filled with LovingKindness
May I be well.
May I be peaceful and at ease.
May I be happy.

Say it for yourself and then repeat it as many times as you wish with other names replacing ‘I’. Extend your offering of love and kindness to anyone around you whenever and wherever you are.

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