Goddess holiday gift guide


2014 Moon calendar, $16 ~ 100% Beeswax candles, $10 ~ The Moon Divas Guidebook, $14

Shopping normally gives me a twitch. Malls are the perfect storm of hideous lighting, perfume and uninspired branded sameness. It’s an exercise in frustration and I rarely leave feeling good about my purchases. Especially, if I’m looking for something really special. Treasures are few and far between. So I thought I’d gather a little round up of goodies I’d love to see under the tree this year. I’d be happy to give or receive any of these finds.

Some of them are things I love and use regularly like the sea salt bath petals, the beeswax candles and the foam roller. Did you know beeswax candles will purify your air? It’s a good excuse to set a peaceful mood every night at home, right. And the foam roller is the most amazing form of self massage. I discovered it at the Ranch and now I crave my daily sessions of rolling and stretching. And my love of the tea infuser has been well documented. The rest would simply be welcome additions to home. Happy shopping, friends.


Bath petals salt souffle, $17 ~ Crystal bookends, $80 ~ Vintage Dress, $146


Yoga Top, $65 ~ Glass Tea Infuser, $17 ~ Foam Roller, $25-$45



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  • melissa

    great list of goodies! i especially like the beeswax candles.

  • meganbrowne

    yep, I’ll have em all please, thanks!