California ~ my heartland

After nearly a week in Massachusetts for the Thanksgiving holiday I couldn’t help humming this tune. I always love visiting my in-laws. They take such good care of Emerson and generally make her feel like a golden little being of love. We only get out there once a year so it’s usually a whirlwind of visiting, playing and catching up.

But all good things must end and we were ready to get home after the Thanksgiving festivities. Bottom line, when I travel I’m reminded that I’m a California girl at heart. It’s my soul place. The whole entire state. The beach, the ocean, the hippies, the techies, all of it. Do you have a place like that? Maybe your home town? Or your dream retirement location? I’m so comforted by this place I call home. Wildfires, overpopulation, earthquakes and all.

Water color California final

This watercolor tutorial is brilliant. I did it over the weekend and I love the results. I might have to frame it. Can you tell I’m having a bit of a violet moment? It’s popping up all over my house lately.

This song always gets me thinking about taking up guitar lessons. Imagine sitting down and busting out that jam? So good.

And speaking of watercolors, I’ve been taking Courtney Khail’s online class at Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Community. It’s such fun and totally affordable. Great for all the rainy days coming up. You can still sign up!

And here’s my latest over at All Parenting.

Happy Holiday DIY

Essential Bedtime Library for the Anxious Child (and parent)

Hope you all are staying cozy and warm as the holidays gear into full swing.

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  • meganbrowne

    Love that song!!! So happy you just reminded me of it. Also when daydreaming of dear old California I always think of Joni Mitchell. When I’m homesick, that’s the California song I always go to.

    • Estelle Hayes

      Oh Meg, Joni Mitchell always reminds me of you!