More little things

Girls enthusiasm

The more I focus energy on happy little things the more they seem to pop up in life. Do you experience the same thing? I’m sure they were there all along, but now I’m paying attention and that makes all the difference. Here’s the latest.

Women, lady friends, little girls: They’re just the best. Not to brag, but the ladies in my world are just so full of insight, wisdom and enthusiasm. Emerson loves hot lunch with a passion that is hard to argue with and I can’t get enough of her contagious laughter these days. Five sure looks good on that kid.


Candle light: It’s just a quiet way to usher in the night. I love the ritual of lighting a few candles and our Wolford lamp as we settle into dinner each night. I don’t light many candles in summer so it really feels like a treat to fill the oil lamp and pick up a few colorful candle sticks. Right now I’m on the hunt for some hot pink or lavendar. Feels like a happy contrast to all the fall foliage happening on my table.


Salty baths: I must be needing the extra minerals because I cannot get enough of nourishing salt in my bath. I’m loving the EO bath salts.

maple granola

Homemade food: I can’t get enough healthy homemade food these days. I’m especially crazy about the maple granola from Sarah Yates at A House in the Hills. I decrease the maple syrup by a table spoon and halve the raw honey. And I add sesame seeds. I highly recommend trying it with any of your favorite nuts and fruits. Yum.

Hope your weekend is filled with all sorts of small wonders and treasures!



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  • Torrie @ a place to share…

    oh my gosh. that picture on top. that needs to be enlarged & hung. beaming beauties.

  • melissa

    agree with torrie. i love this photo of you and lil’ e.

  • erin//suchsmallsteps

    That picture is so joyful! Love it!

    So I just realized when I switched to bloglovin I no longer have been getting your blog updates- thought you had stopped altogether! Good news is I now have much to catch up on :)