Best Matcha Smoothie

There. I said it. It’s seriously good and I highly recommend you all get on my matcha bandwagon. Full disclosure: I’m going on four weeks off processed sugar and almost all grains. And my energy level is THROUGH THE ROOF. This smoothie is such a delicious treat and I feel all kinds of super human after I drink it. Just finished one. Can you tell? Yeah? Alrighty then, let me break it down for you. Last year, Bon Appetit featured a recipe for a green matcha latte made with almond milk and a bit of Read More →

Growing gratitude

Hi friends. I’m not in the habit of sharing my other work here on a regular basis, but I’m a regular contributor to All Parenting. Every once and a while I pull together a crafting tutorial – painful for me since crafting does not exactly come naturally to me. Creativity? Yes. Hot glue gun skills? Not so much. I love the tree of gratitude that Emerson and I worked on together. She’s been filling it with leaves for the past few weeks. Sharing her thanks for friends, family, books and the Boston Red Sox. It’s Read More →

More little things

The more I focus energy on happy little things the more they seem to pop up in life. Do you experience the same thing? I’m sure they were there all along, but now I’m paying attention and that makes all the difference. Here’s the latest. Women, lady friends, little girls: They’re just the best. Not to brag, but the ladies in my world are just so full of insight, wisdom and enthusiasm. Emerson loves hot lunch with a passion that is hard to argue with and I can’t get enough of her contagious laughter these Read More →

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