Too small to fail, thoughts on routines

Book of Poetry

This recent post by Rebecca of Girls Gone Child could not have come at a better time for me. I’ve been thinking about the routines in my home lately and making some big and small changes that feel pretty profound. The book “Seven Times Aroud the Sun” has helped to clarify and put words to the gut instincts I’d been ignoring for the past few years. (It’s so easy to brush aside or table those feelings in the rush of everyday life). The author talks about how important rythms and routines are to a child, a family and a home.

This week we committed to starting each day without the TV and gave up our TV news crutch. I’m feeling really protective of Emerson and myself and am really drawn to quiet time with her. So we wake up, snuggle, make breakfast, chit chat (without peppering her with questions), eat breakfast, open the shades and then together we read a couple poems. I’ve found the rhythmic nature of poetry to be really comforting in these early moments. Emerson loves choosing the topic. This book breaks down the poems in catagories like seasons, animals and sun, moon & stars. We read a couple and then she runs upstairs to pick out her uniform for the day. (She doesn’t attend a Waldorf school, but I’ve found a lot of the ideals and teachings to be useful in our home). If there’s time, she’ll catch a few minute of Curious George as I get dressed and ready. So far, there have been zero arguments. It’s been such a refreshing change of pace. I’m hopeful that it becomes our new normal.

We’ve got a few other tried and true rituals for the evening that I always look forward to – her cozy bath, reading in her big rocking chair and my nightly rendition of the most depressing lullaby known to man – “Baby Mine” from Dumbo. For a mother, it’s kind of the worst. But it’s Emerson’s all-time favorite and for almost exactly three years nothing is right in her world until she hears it. It’s her jam.

I certainly hope these little rituals are laying happy imprints on her brain and being, as the “Too Small to Fail” initiative suggests. Do you remember any rituals from your early childhood? What do you do or look forward to doing someday with your own littles? My mom used to rub my feet at night. I loved feeling so nurtured, safe and totally relaxed when she would do this.

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  • Torrie @ a place to share…

    i hate to keep commenting “ME TOO!!” but really… it is eery how much i can relate with this, & with all of your recent posts/words. i have also ignored these instincts, or even when they were realized, the weren’t prioritized. it is now on the top of my list.