Cleaning out, finding ease

San Diego Botanical Garden

Did you catch Michelle’s completely happy and soulful house tour on Design Sponge last week? Pretty much my dream combination of organic elements, meaningful touches and bits of pink woven throughout. One particular image completely rocked my Monday and stuck with me all week until I had a free moment to act on the inspiration. Her closet. I mean, come on. Quality, simplicity and ease at its very finest.


Photo by Melissa Oholendt via Design Sponge

I proceeded to remove every single item from my closet and spent most of Saturday sorting and purging. Six bags went off to Goodwill, three bags went to our local Career Closet for women, one bag went to garbage, a small pile went to my studio for repairs and alterations and another pile went to friends – i.e. better homes.

It’s hard to describe this process as anything other than transformative, a word I’ve been using a lot lately. It was painful and frustrating at times. I counted nine little black dresses and reached out to Michelle for guidance. She said she only keeps items she’s worn in the past two years and occassionaly keeps something for serious sentimental value. With her wise words in mind, I let go of three LBDs. Progress, friends. Progress. I love to step into my closet now and breathe deeply. I can see everything. There is room and ease. And it’s contagious. I tackled Emerson’s room and purged her toy chest, dress up bin and closet with renewed confidence. I can sense this need to cleanse is spilling out to every aspect of my home.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that over the weekend, while burried in 90s fashion, I stumbled upon Mystic Mamma’s thoughts on the fall equinox and her advice for taking care of ourselves during this time. These words really moved me.

It is important that you allow and support necessary change.There is a death/rebirth quality to the month that demands a deeper commitment to change and resetting the patterns in your life.

“If you brush this one off, spirit will do it for you. Illness, accident or incapacitation of some kind could find its way into your life forcing you to stop doing business as usual.

“So get with the program in a proactive way so you can manage your own offline time. Take inventory and observe what is not working anymore so you can decide what needs to dissolve and change in your life. Then allow spirit to be in control of your life so you can reset yourself in greater harmony and balance.”

It’s been clear to me for so long that much of the “stuff” I have been storing for all these many years no longer serves me. It feels so good to let go and make room to breath and be. How is this change of season treating you? Do you sense any feelings of renewal or a deep need to unplug? I love hearing about how my friends are welcoming the new season.

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  • Torrie @ a place to share…

    i can so relate with this post. in fact, as i was reading it yesterday~ i was actually moved to stop and share it on my blog. my blog that has been BURIED IN THE CLUTTER (so to speak) for far too long ;). up until a couple of weekends ago, our garage was filled (i mean filled) with bags & bags of stuff. we had planned on having our very first garage sale. trying to think differently in terms of generating income… set a good example for the kids~ all that good stuff. it became a source of “ugh” & stress every time i walked in. we finally gathered the bags, loaded them in the car, cleaned all of the mess that had gathered around the mound, wiped, swept, donated it all…… & now i can see everything & breathe deeply too :).