Catching up

Emerson in Malibu Golden Hour

Happy Monday, Friends! So much to catch up on and I’m just not sure where to start. I’m writing for All Parenting these days. Here’s a selection of some recent stories you might want to check out.

Why I’m raising an only child (I’m owning this one. One kid is awesome and in the interest in keeping it real, it’s the most I could possibly handle.)

Rookie guide to starting kindergarten (It’s true, Emerson is in big kid school and we are all adjusting. This experience really deserves its own post. California public schools are not for the faint of heart. Much to say on this subject at a later date.)

Cool caftan style (Pretty sure my commitment to long, shapeless clothing has been well documented. But in case you were wondering my love for the look endures.)

How I’m raising a spiritual child without religion (My favorite post by far as it forced me to really think about this process and how it’s working for my family.)

Summer has flown by in a blink and I’ve got loads to write about. I hiked Half Dome (major life list accomplishment), visited a life-changing retreat in Malibu, went zip lining through the redwood forest and finished re-designing my living room. Any chance you want to see images from those experiences?

In my spare moments this week I’ll be dropping in on Courtney Khail’s watercolor class offered through Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network. Jeanne is creating an incredibly diverse and dynamic community over there. I highly recommend checking it out. And I’ll be plugging away on an epic Cinderella Halloween costume for Emerson. Because I’m quite sure it’s going to take me two full months to tackle the beast of a pattern we picked out. Wish me luck, friends.

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  • Melissa

    i want to hear all about your summer…especially the trip to Malibu!