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Have you guys seen the gorgeous video collaborations coming from the Kim Thompson Steel and Melissa McArdle? It’s stunning photography/videography combined with excellent food, styling, music and perfect light. You know, porn for lovers of all things pretty. Kim and Mel are friends and I could not be more proud of their work, individually and now as a creative team. They’ve shared a bit of background on their collaboration with us here and be sure to check out the video recipes for mushrooms a la creme and kale and quinoa salad.


How did this collaboration come about? What was the inspiration?
Kim Thompson Steel: We have followed each other on our blogs for a few years now and realized early on that we lived close to each other, and were lucky enough to meet and develop a friendship.  I love photographing slices of life and wanted to build on that by making videos with the same esthetic as my photography.  This fall, I decided I wanted to shoot some food-related videos and started casting about for someone to work with me on a series of video recipes.  Melissa and I worked together on a shoot with photographer Leslie Sophia Lindell, and the idea of a collaboration evolved very naturally. I asked if she would be interested and she was on board immediately.

Melissa McArdle: A few years ago, Kim and I met through blogging. What began as an online respect for one another bloomed into a real life friendship.  I’ve always admired Kim’s photography, for she captures the magic in life’s most simple, ordinary moments. She keeps it real, yet through her lens, there is a spark of beauty that is forever caught in time.  So it was a no-brainer when she asked me if I would be willing to collaborate on a video about food.

How do you work together? Does one person style/prepare/cook and one person shoot/edit?
KTS: It’s amazing how naturally we work together.  I shoot and edit, Melissa prepares the food and styles it.  We are both very laid back and receptive to each others’ ideas.  This particular video (mushrooms a la creme) wasn’t intended to be a series of stills, but because of a technological snafu on shoot day, that’s how it worked out.

MM: We are both very easy going, and we respect each other’s area of creative expertise. I come up with the recipe, cook and style the shoot, and Kim brings it to life with her camera and incredible film-editing skills. It’s a win-win team, for there is a high level of respect for one another on each side, yet we are not timid when an opinion needs to be voiced. And the bonus, we both love coffee and drink a lot of it!

What’s next? Can we expect a series?
KTS: You can definitely expect more.  We know we want to do more (and another recipe shoot is already in the works!) and we’ll see whether it becomes a series!

MM: Another seasonal recipe is already in the works and filming will begin in the next week or so, so yes, I foresee something grand unfolding with this series and look forward to seeing how our creative collaborations grow.

Can I be your official taste tester? Just kidding. Not really.
Yes!  I am actually the taster now, since Melissa does the cooking. I don’t even particularly like mushrooms and I LOVED this dish.

MM: You are always welcome to taste test!   There will be an extra place setting ready for you.

Well done, ladies. Check it out and then try not to run to the grocery store for the ingredients in these recipes.



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  • katie//salt+pine

    Yes–the collaboration is fabulous! You know that I love me some Melissa, but I’m so glad to learn about Kim’s work as well. The videos are wonderful! :)

  • melissa

    my lovely e ~ thank you for this! i’m eager to share our next video that is in the works…

  • mosey (kim)

    You make us sound awesome! ;) Thanks, lovely Estelle. We’ll make sure you get to taste-test a future recipe! xx