When Blogging Was Fun

Weekend in Yountville

Remember that? Those were the days when I didn’t think much posting an iPhone photo. Or, at least it wouldn’t stop me from actually posting. To be honest, I miss my old blog and I know a few of you do too. I miss sharing about my weekend and showing you the creative projects that keep me up at night. The soup fails and the cake wins. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a pretty blog as much (maybe more) than the next gal. I’m a sucker for styled and well-lit, but I’ve hit my own personal wall of needing my images and my thoughts to be so perfectly planned out and executed that I literally won’t publish until all the pieces are in place. It’s either let one of the spinning plates in my life crash, and I’m looking at you pinkmoonDAILY, are you crazy? Or shut down my online life entirely. And trust, I’ve contemplated the delete all concept plenty over these past few months.

But a special little gathering two weeks ago altered my reality ever so slightly and reminded me of the positive force for good a blog can be. I’ve written a lot about how important this online space has been for me to practice writing, to push myself creatively and hold myself accountable to my goals and someday, faraway dreams. This place has kept me motivated and honest. But the most important aspect to blogging and putting myself “out there” has been the friendships. The life-changing connections I have made with a growing handful of (mostly) women. Good women. Inspiring women.

I was lucky enough to spend three solid days and two ridiculous nights with Alexis, Kimberly, Jeanne and Melissa in Yountville – a truly magical place. And let me tell you it pays to travel with a local. Mel led us on a tour of the very best food and drinks and shopping and general merry making. We were constantly stumbling across friends who graciously opened their studios to our wandering eyes and gifted us with their creations. (You must check out the amazing jewelry being made from cork and recycled wine bottles at Yount Street Glass.) We caused trouble in fancy restaurants (too many to list, but I have it on good authority the fine folks at Bouchon will forever remember our visit) and shared our hearts, our dreams, our disappointments with each other – naturally and with ease. You know, the way women do.

People would ask us how we met and we all stumbled through that awkward explanation that no blogger has yet to master outside of a blogging conference, “um, well, we met online – got to know each other through our blogs” and that’s just never not going to sound creepy, right? But, I know you get it. These connections we are making online are legit and for life and will stand the test of time and google analytics. And I’m realizing that in life the only thing that really matters are one’s relationships and without this blog I never would have had these four friendships and more. So for that reason alone, this space is worth keeping and nurturing.

All of this to say, I think I’m back. Back to sharing bits of my heart, here. Things l love, people who inspire me. It won’t be perfect and there will be growing pains, but I want to get back to the fun of blogging. Won’t you join me?

Also, a most perfect quote shared by Jeanne from the weekend that deserves a permanent place in my home.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver, Poet

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  • http://twitter.com/ModernFarmette Imen McDonnell

    Well, I for one, feel fortunate to have connected with you at this moment in time! Sounds like you all had an amazingly inspired time in CA together……can’t wait to follow along with what you are getting up to in this space…pretty or not.com =)) All Best, Imen x

    • Estelle Hayes

      Imen, I’m so happy you stopped by and commented. And yes, pretty or not, I’m going to be here. :) It feels really good to be back.

  • Danielle

    It’s so so true. I feel like I had to give up on blogging because I realized that my pics weren’t up to snuf and my thought not well composed…and in doing so I have lost a connection to so many people that I love.

    • estelle Hayes

      Gah, I know! Let’s move past this hunt for perfection and just get back to focusing on what we enjoy! So happy we are on the same page. :)

  • katie//salt+pine

    I know *exactly* what you mean. I was nodding furiously throughout your post. The thing I love most about blogging is the wonderful way it connects me to amazing people (and you are definitely among them!). I’m hoping to dive back in at some point soon, but in the meantime, I’m so happy that you are back, that you had such a great time with those lovely ladies and now I can read all about it!

    • Estelle Hayes

      Katie, you know I am right there with you and can’t wait for you to come back to blogging, too. Imagine if we had never met? I really hope we will catch up in person sometime soon, but for now I’m grateful to have our online connections. :) Hope you and your family are happy and well.

  • http://twitter.com/caraecrowley Cara Crowley

    I feel like I could have written this post myself. I took a hiatus from blogging and recently returned to it. The idea of the blog originally was never to be perfect but to share my story, my voice and what fires me up. I was told to grow my business and blog, I needed to be bigger and grow rapidly, have corporate sponsors, etc. Recently though, I’ve stumbled upon a few great conferences that emphasize on not comparing yourself to other bloggers and that by putting out honest, authentic, transparent content is all you need to grow whatever you are looking to grow via these blogs of ours. For me, I’m taking pride in slow and intentional blogging that shares my story and finding connection along the way. I love this post and I think you have spoken for many! And I look forward to what’s to come.

    • Estelle Hayes

      Cara, I love your idea of ‘slow and intentional’ and I feel like this is how I want to approach everything in my life right now. Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your perspective. It’s an issue I’ve been struggling with for months and it actually feels really good to know I’m not alone. Can’t wait to catch up on your blog.

  • kimberly

    Sweet gorgeous friend, I am so grateful for those three days (and even more so for those nights- and you know what I’m talking about roomie! ;) ) I have missed seeing you on your blog and even though I know you had a vision for Pink Moon Daily, I’m glad that you are back to share YOUR day with us- as you are an amazing writer and an even better friend. I adore you and if your blog was always “perfectly put together” it would lose some of the real Estelle. Let it roll baby- I’m here ready to read! Love you.

  • http://torriesessions.blogspot.com/ Torrie @ a place to share…


    what can i say that you have not already said? you have captured it to a “T”.

    in fact, it’s a conversation poor ryan has had to hear me drone on {and ON} about many, many times as of late. i literally (friday morning) told him, “i have a billion things to do, but i AM SITTING DOWN TO WRITE A POST.” (yes, it was spoken in capital letters ;)) i mean, i had already gotten back to posting a few weeks back, but had still been struggling with the whole perfection madness… wondering if something is “post-worthy”… not wanting to post a ‘repeat picture’ (aka- one that i’d already posted on ig), and in result, barely managing a post/week. so, on friday, i told myself, “enough is enough.”

    the sharing, the connections, the comments, the discussions, the camaraderie~ the meet-ups(!!!!!), the *friendships*… all of it has been life-changing, and i am not at all ready for it to end :).

  • Mary Wasielewski

    What a wonderful post! I love blogging, and I do have to remind myself sometimes to take a step back, and remember why I do it. I’m not making any money, I’m not even reaching more than a handful of people. But it has helped serve as my gratitude journal, to foster optimism, to connect with like-minded people, to motivate me to put myself out there more… it’s all good stuff. My blog isn’t the most professional or beautiful, and I can’t spend money on it, and I’m not an awesome photographer or writer, and yet I still do it and love it. I also love your blog and am happy to hear from you.

  • Melissa

    yes! my spring has just been elevated to a new level…ESTELLE is back! i’m so happy something good came out of that weekend besides…well, you know. tee-hee! love, love, love you and YOUR voice and YOUR posts.

  • meganbrowne

    Wow Estelle! You always know how to say everything perfectly that we are all thinking. I gave up on my blog a while ago but then recently thought, hey what the hell. Who cares if I am totally amateur? My thoughts and experiences are just as important as those who know how to perfectly photograph and write up a blog moment. So with a ‘what the f#!?’ attitude I am straight back into it. Just as you are. And by the way, you are my blog mentor and the one I look up to thinking I wish mine looked as good as yours. I am so jealous of your wine country weekend. Why can’t I be there for times like that? Please, July, let’s make the most of it, eh? Lovin’ you, lovin’ your sentiments, lovin’ your blog….

  • erin//suchsmallsteps

    This is so on my mind recently and judging from all of these terrific comments, I’m not alone. I am constantly feeling that “my blog isn’t good/big enough” feeling and then asking myself why?? If it’s really a place to document my own inspirations, life and experiences, why isn’t that enough? And why would I judge a documentation of my life against anyone else’s in terms of readers, comments, shout outs from big blogs, etc? I sometimes long for the days of just sending emails to friends and not “sharing” everything on sites where I inevitably look at page views, instagram likes, etc. I feel like there is such pressure these days for blogs to be a certain way and to look a certain way and we all buy into it, but the ones I’m drawn to personally don’t usually fit that mold- they are smaller, intimate, friendly, personal and “real.”

  • 180360

    I have the exact same problem, which results in hundreds of non-published posts. UGH! I miss the days where I just posted any silly thing that came to my head.