My Freelance Writing and other Thoughts on a Sick Day


Just a quick check in as I roll into day three of the flu. It’s rough, my friends. Second time I’ve been hit this season. I’m resting and drinking fluids like it’s my job. Only problem is it’s not and when you’re income is based on freelance/contract work there are no sick days. Safe to say I’m learning some tough lessons on taking care of oneself, while juggling deadlines that could just as easily be passed on to the next eager freelancer pitching for my project. Does it sound like I’m complaining? I’m not. Just struggling a bit at the moment. But I trust I’ll feel better after (another) nap.

I do want to share with you one of the projects that has been occupying my days of late. I’m proud to be a part of the All Parenting team of writers. My first two of many upcoming pieces are live now and you can check them out. Are you looking for some fun and easy projects for spring break? I highly recommend making a fairy flower crown for any special little in your life. And for yourself, why not plant an herb garden so you’ll be ready to spice up all those spring veggies popping up at the farmer’s market. I’ve got tutorials for both at All Parenting and if I can pull them off – so can you.

Also, I’m obsessed with HBO’s Girls. I’ve been catching up in between naps and I cannot get Jessa’s amazingly and often inappropriate bohemian style out of my head. I realize I’m a hundred years late to the party on this one as per usual, but I still want to talk about her perfect wedding look. Let’s talk about how I could pull this off, okie-dokie? Sunset and 5th does a great job breaking down the head-to-toe look. Turns out Jemima Kirke’s mom has been making her clothes since she was a little girl and owns a vintage clothing shop in New York City. So, Lorraine Kirke is officially my new lady crush.

O.k. my friends. Carry on. I’m wishing you all good health and strong immunities. May you avoid this plague with all your might.

Herb garden

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