My Freelance Writing and other Thoughts on a Sick Day

Just a quick check in as I roll into day three of the flu. It’s rough, my friends. Second time I’ve been hit this season. I’m resting and drinking fluids like it’s my job. Only problem is it’s not and when you’re income is based on freelance/contract work there are no sick days. Safe to say I’m learning some tough lessons on taking care of oneself, while juggling deadlines that could just as easily be passed on to the next eager freelancer pitching for my project. Does it sound like I’m complaining? I’m not. Just Read More →

Women who inspire: Artist Courtney Khail

Building on yesterday’s post, which seems to have resonated with so many blog friends, I’m excited to introduce you to Courtney Khail and her beautiful watercolor creations. She’s one of those treasured connections I made through blogging. We met at Alt last year and became fast friends over little more than 24 hours and several glasses of bubbly. Not only is she a salt-of-the earth kind of gal (who just happens to rock the most amazing vintage gowns you have ever seen, thanks to a very chic grandmother) she’s also a gifted artist. Courtney is Read More →

When Blogging Was Fun

Remember that? Those were the days when I didn’t think much posting an iPhone photo. Or, at least it wouldn’t stop me from actually posting. To be honest, I miss my old blog and I know a few of you do too. I miss sharing about my weekend and showing you the creative projects that keep me up at night. The soup fails and the cake wins. The good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t get me wrong. I love a pretty blog as much (maybe more) than the next gal. I’m a sucker for Read More →

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