My Paris Tea; Setting Goals


About a hundred years ago, around the time I started a blog, I posted my first life list. Inspired by Maggie and her Mighty List I came up with dozens of small and big things I wanted to try out in my lifetime. I can’t find that post. But I did come across two summer lists, here and here, that proved highly satisfying. I forgot how good I can be with a goal. Recently, I revised my life list, adding and refining my wishes for a bright future to include things like visit Istanbul and hang a vintage chandelier in my home. At the same time I was able to acknowledge a few of the little goals I set for myself back in 2009.

Right this very moment, I am studying French. Daily. This is huge and warrents its own post. Soon. Also, I gave blood and thereby faced a crippling fear I’ve held on to for more than 20 years. You guys, I almost passed out when all was said and done, but it was awesome and I’m still so proud of my little self. Finally, I’ve wanted to host a fancy high tea since my bridal shower nine years ago, when I was gifted dozens of vintage cups and saucers. Well, that happened last weekend and it was spectacular.

I invited two special friends over for an afternoon of treats, goal sharing and future scheming. We committed to keeping each other accountable to our individual goals and busted out the calendar to schedule in a few for this year. For example, we’ll be zip-lining in March, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge this spring and hiking Half Dome. That last one I may be doing on my own if I don’t get anyone who isn’t afraid of a little Hanta Virus on board soon, but my girls committed to helping me train. It’s a start.

We sipped tea and marveled at the riches of my hoarding/collecting. Stop judging. One never really knows when an event will call for a dozen silver frog name holders, empty boxes from Lauderee and Fauchon, vintage hats from the 1950s and a dress form. Obviously, I hoard-with-purpose. You’re feeling my puffed up and justified sense of self here, yes? Cause I’m giving it. Big time.

All of this is to say that I believe in sharing your dreams and goals. There’s power in saying them out loud to those who will listen and care enough to encourage your bravery, support your attempts and celebrate your results. I’ve got so many plans for this year and I’m trying to work on the big ones a little bit every day. I’d love to hear about yours and as always, I promise to cheer you on and celebrate with you along the way. Here are my tippy tops for 2013:

1. Learn French (finish my Rosetta Stone course and enroll in a conversation class)

2. Hike Half Dome (train by hiking a variety of smaller, Bay Area trails on a weekly basis)

3. Learn how to use my two specialty camera lenses (practice weekly, share my progress here)

4. Pitch my personal essays to admired print and online publications






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  • Torrie @ a place to share…

    i love this post, and can relate on so many levels. this year is about putting my words, my thoughts, my dreams, my goals into action. so proud of you for starting strong :)…

  • melissa

    well hello there! sure is good to see you back in this space…being you. i’m a big fan of yours, so no worries, i’ve got the cheerleading covered. just don’t ask me to endure my fear of heights with the mere thought of anything named half {or full} dome. i’ll be at the bottom with champagne for celebrating.

  • xxt

    sooooo happy to see this type of post stella!!! i love reading your writing. i wish i could have come to your tea………… know, to class it up a bit! lets talk half dome………….

  • meganbrowne

    wish I was there!!!

  • Courtney K

    I’m so proud of you (and like Mel, I’ll cheer you along as much as possible!) As for Half Dome, I can give you tips for 1/2 way- I opted not to do the rest thanks to a late (7a) start that day and if you’d like to come to Colorado and practice here I’d love love love to go hiking with you.