Taking it to the next level

Remember when Emerson Fry was Emerson Made and they were known for those cutie fabric flower corsages? Me too. I loved the aesthetic then and I’m loving it now even more that it’s evolved into a grown up brand with classic clothing, shoes and jewelry. Honestly, is there anything that woman can’t do? Also, I want those shoes in a bad, bad way.

It just makes me happy to see someone launch a small business online and grow it into something that still feels authentic and real, rather than corporate and forced. We’re talking real-life American dream stuff.

House of Fifty has a great interview with Ms. Fry in the current issue, where she talks about why they manufacture their clothing in the United States and how she views this as the “century of women.” Inspiring stuff.

Photo via: Emerson Fry

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  • Mel

    I will dream about those shoes tonight!