Apple Picking with Torrie and Ryan

By Torrie Sessions

Aside from a little fertilizing, a bit of basil/tomato/squash/pepper-picking, and of course- watering, we’ve stayed pretty clear of our garden over the past couple of weeks.  You may recall the “lingering [southern California] summer” we wrote about in our previous post.   Well, a few days later- our weather took a major upward turn.  In other words, HOT became HOTTER.  Lingering is an understatement.  So, we’re calling this a “transitional” month.

…A month to take a step away, and get inspired.  Whether it’s flipping through Sunset magazine, strolling through our favorite garden centers, or making the most out of our ‘dog days’ harvest’~ in the form of our very first pumpkin pie of the season, slow-roasted tomatoes, roasted red bell pepper pesto~ we’ve taken a break from ‘dirt-digging’ to give summer a proper farewell, while excitedly gearing up for the onset of fall.

Next up on our list during this little gardening break?  An absolute favorite ‘early-October’ tradition of years past… a visit to the apple orchard.  What better way to delight in the harvest than a day of apple-picking, fresh cider, and a hearty picnic??  Not to mention- a day that is christened with warm apple cider donuts!  Whether you’re in the midst of planting or taking a little breather, this is an activity I’d highly recommend. To find an orchard near you, go to

Now that it’s officially upon us (despite what that morning forecast might display), how are you welcoming the season of change?

Photo credit: Torrie Sessions 

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  • melissa

    torrie, we plan to do this in a few weeks. i cannot wait! we love apples so much and this time of year is all about this versatile fruit. yum! happy pickin’!

    • Torrie @ a place to share…

      me neither! we were in hawaii around this time last year for my bil’s weddding (incredibly serene & beautiful, but not very ‘fallish’ of course :)), & the rest of the month was either spent preparing for the trip or preparing for ‘real life’ post vacation~ so it was definitely not a year for taking part in many of our favorite activities & traditions… which make this year’s anticipation for apple-picking (& more!) even greater!

  • Jody Brettkelly

    Those apples look so so real (and crunchy and yum) puts my store-brought ones to shame!